A 3 days escapade…

These last 3 days were passed up North in several little places on the coast, all so charming and “at the beach” feeling !

I wanted to visit the mosaic garden created by artist Jude Morrah and we took off with that in mind.

The visit with Jude in her magic mosaic garden was a great time ! She is wonderful !
Her work is refreshing and happy, and it was a delight to do a tour of all the pieces and settings in her little world full of the most unexpected “pets” ! Around us were fluffy hens with old ladies plumage, and a peahen with her chicks, guinea pigs, a gentle Guinea hen, a long time friend sparrow who sat on her head as we talked, and much more…

It was super to meet her and see her work… a true artist is Jude ! The day passed so fast, we decided to find a place to stay !

As we were in town we saw old beautiful cars and learned that there was an event coming up: the Beach Hop, and we decided to stay another night and go see the beautiful oldies… That was a trip, let me tell you ! Hundreds of old (mostly American) cars from the Ford T, to the Mustangs from the 60s,  gorgeous Chevrolets, custom roadsters of all colors and shapes… My favorite ones were a 56 Tbird, powder pink with a cream top (so smooth and classy…) and a green Studebaker station wagon (…look at her !)from maybe 49, completely revamped and absolutely remarkable… I took photos and will post some very soon…

See more pics on Photo albums page.

Stay posted !


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