Fostering the child within

Fostering the child within

self love

Everyone of us has been a child.
As a child, we assimilated, integrated, coped with, got used to, and learned how to deal with whatever structure and beliefs were the norm at the time. 
We did integrate mind patterns, behaviors, beliefs, habits that were around us, but not always the best for us.
We can see that the child in us, the child we were, just absorbed those beliefs and the pain they caused at times, and did the best she could to cope and live with it.

As a result of that early impregnation of our psyche, we adopted beliefs about ourselves.
About our worth, our rights, our beauty, our intelligence, our place in the world, and much more.

To become aware of what these beliefs can be, we need to observe what are our most frequent “knee jerk reactions” to anything triggering us emotionally. The way we react before thinking.
The way we judge ourselves, the way we treat ourselves, the way we interact with others.
Our “natural reactions” to highly triggering situations are governed by our deepest beliefs, not our conscious adult mind.

The child I was is still inside of me today.

She’s probably still holding the beliefs true, and the pain is still being felt.

Opening our heart to that child, and her pain, her loss, her fears, her needs, will be the most powerful way we can dissolve the patterns in our adult life. We need to be willing and welcome that child, and make her feel finally safe, and seen, and loved, as we would do with a child we would rescue today in the world.
No matter what comes up, and how horrendous, or sad, or insignificant or annoying, or trivial we may judge it today, we need to remember that as a child we had no notion of what was wrong, and we could only make do with what we had.

Whatever pain she felt, if not acknowledged and provided for consciously, is still in need of care today. Our most unconscious behaviors revolve around that fact.

It is a sacred work to turn toward our child self, and be able to feel her pain, to see that she did the best she could, and to hold her, console her, soothe her, and ask her what she needs. By doing this work we create an entirely new paradigm to live from, and we dissolve all the behaviors that came from the initial pain, or need that were left unattended…
Can you see that all that child has ever needed was to be loved exactly as she was?
And by loved, I mean treated lovingly. Accepted. Recognized. Protected. Respected. Talked to in kindness. Provided for.
No matter was missing at the time is what YOU can provide NOW.

It is never too late. She’s still waiting.
Our power to heal our life resides in our willingness to meet her exactly where she is, and honor her needs.

A crucial part of this might even be to forgive ourselves, to forgive that child, instead of holding her wrong for anything.
It is amazing how much we hold ourselves responsible for whatever ailed us!
And yet, we were a child. And we did absolutely the best we could.

When we become who we needed as a child, we can at last give her what she still needs.

That is the path to deep healing.
At that point the unwanted patterns fall away without struggle.
True freedom is no more out of reach, and we can move freely forward.

There is nothing more valuable in my mind than this kind of freedom.
It empowers us in all aspects of our lives, from being comfortable alone to building a relationship with a spouse, from our work place to our friendships, and also from a feeling of wariness or anger or estrangeness to a feeling of belonging.

To your inner child! May you give her unconditional love for ever more.


Becoming an expert at not knowing

Becoming an expert at not knowing

In a culture in which we give so much value to knowing, to being an expert, to impress and to defend opinions (ah! Opinions… but that will be my subject another time), I will dare going out on a limb and offer the idea of a mindset that could permit all of us to get along better, to evolve faster, to learn constantly and to be, generally speaking, taking a very unpopular stand on a regular basis…

What if, despite my fears to not look good enough, savant enough, impressive enough, I dared practicing every day to become an expert at not knowing?

What if instead of wanting to live by what I do know, or believe I know, I took the dizzying step to try and not be sure?

What if my main tool, my main shtick, my main attitude from now on, was curiosity?

What if I was fool enough to admit that I’m not sure, that nothing is certain in my world, that my best approach for a life of discovery and creation, is to explore and challenge my certainties often enough to not fossilize myself into a rigid persona, where little by little, I come to believe that I am defined by what I am sure of?

I know, disturbing prospect isn’t it?
I am a lot more comfortable when I know. 
When I master, when I can be adamant, when I have no doubt. And I’d bet you are too.

Never be sure, always questioning, wondering, could become crippling. 
I might freeze right here, stuck in uncertainty, not willing to take a step in any direction.
And for real, I know of some of my clients getting stuck that way. Debating, arguing with themselves, afraid of taking the wrong decision, to make the wrong move…
Dead stuck.

But that’s not the kind of uncertainty I defend here.

Rather it’s about not being so corseted in our view of the world, to let loose a bit, to remain always open to another angle, another perspective, another technique, another idea…
To be willing to try new ways, to endorse even for a minute another perspective, to take a chance and be willing to make mistakes. 
To adventure. To explore. To question. To challenge our default setting.

That would radically change our approach to people who don’t seem to be like us. That would keep a door open on finding common ground. That would even make us understand better our fellow humans and ourselves…

Because, after all, how do we get to live by the beliefs we live and defend, on a daily basis?
How did we get our view of the world?
Our orientations?
Our taste for money or our dislike of it?
Our love for family or our weariness of any group?
Our idea of the divine or lack thereof?
Our confidence or our fear?

For most of it it started by…. Curiosity.

Let’s go back.
When we were toddlers, then young children, our overall attitude was one of questioning, of not knowing, of wanting to know more, (ourrelentless questions! WHY…?) and as we grew, our environment brought us answers.

The formative figures around us passed on to us their own beliefs, most of the time not really theirs, but the ones dominant in the culture around them when THEY were growing up…
And either we grew up adopting these beliefs, principles and attitudes or grew ourselves against them, we did it in a rather narrow range, all considered.
Next thing we know, we are adults and trying our way in the world, efforting to become autonomous, competent, accepted, efficient, and to belong.

At some point, we spend more time defending what we know, or think we know, than being passionately curious.
That comes to play very strongly when we are in front of people, systems, cultures, attitudes, dogmas, that challenge ours.
It is so much easier to barricade ourselves behind the strong fences of our certain isn’t it?
To just feel right, and sure that these others are wrong. Plain wrong.

Division then takes up all the room. In our mind there is only that need to prove our being right.
No desire for common ground (though there will always be some).
No taking the risk to be swayed, or to, at least, have a different understanding of the world, of issues, of solutions…

No calling for trying radically different angles for size.
No taking steps outside of the well known.
We might even forget that we want to be good people and become raging radicals.

I know I did at times.
I probably will again, when I forget to stay curious.

But since my soul inclination is really toward togetherness, and growth, and diversity, and exploration, I vouch to try and become an expert at not knowing.
At least often enough to be able to meet you somewhere between your beliefs and mine.

I love this quote from Rumi  “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
To your freedom.

With love


The proven power of art in your home

The proven power of art in your home

the healing power of art in the home

Conributed by Gabrielle Gardiner on behalf of The Zebra.

There’s no doubt that surrounding yourself with curated artwork has many health and mental benefits. According to studies at Harvard, viewing art displays is shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Imagine if you truly focused on maximizing the healing power of art in your own home?  Art provokes a wide range of human emotions—often inspiring feelings of love, connection, and pleasure in a space. With a long winter ahead, now is the perfect time to invest in your well-being by decorating your home more colorfully and thoughtfully. 

Once you realize the evidence-based benefits of art in the home, it’s a no-brainer. Check out these tangible benefits of displaying artwork below:

  • Decreases stress levels
  • Drives conversation and connection
  • Promotes critical thinking and creativity
  • Fosters empathy, love, and pleasure
  • Adds personality
  • Builds an investment

You’ll quickly realize you can’t go wrong when selecting uplifting artwork. The more you hone in on creating an inviting environment that fosters stress relief, pleasure, connection, the more powerful the long-term positive effects will be. Here are some quick tips for curating art: 

  • Start with your personal style
  • Pick pieces with thought
  • Know how to display your art
  • Protect your investment

When curating art, start with an inspiration board that brings together your personality and budget. Don’t be afraid to embrace color and texture and pick pieces with meaning. Hang pieces at eye level to optimize for viewing and enjoyment. The thought process behind your art choices is bound to serve as a conversation starter and will be appreciated by future house guests.

Here are wonderful info graphics shared by The Zebra

Gratitude is like a warm blanket

Gratitude is like a warm blanket

Dear one, on Thanksgiving day (one of my most favorite holidays), which is a traditional occasion for big family gatherings and food feasts, my thoughts have been on gratitude, more so than usual.

On a regular basis I practice gratitude, and I try to start my days right after waking up, with a focus on what I am grateful for, and the wonder of being alive to begin with…

Gratitude is like a warm blanket we can wrap ourselves in, no matter where we are and what is going on. 

We just get so taken with the affairs of the world, and what ever can be a source of concern in our own lives that sometimes it feels overwhelming, and delusional to talk about feeling thankful…

Yet, there is so much to be thankful about!

As I am here, writing to you, breathing freely, in my cosy home, redolent of delicious food aromas, there is already cause for immense gratitude in what I’m concerned…

In the world as well, so many good willed people, so many positive initiatives, so much beauty that need only for us to shift our focus to be the source of awe and wonder that they really are…

It is only a question of focus, always.

There is no question that many things need to be righted, and bettered, no question that we have to be aware and to take action, no question that not all is well… but if we deliberately choose to live in a state of wonder and gratitude, we not only permit our body to relax and our mind to lighten up, but we lighten the entire world… We become a beacon of light.

And we feel comforted, which gives us the strength to address what needs our best skills and spirit to evolve with us, by us, through us.

I invite you to join me in weaving a warm blanket of gratitude today, and to feel its comforting effect, to let your guard down, to put your worry on hold and to surrender to the beauty of the moment, right now, as you read this…

Feel the incredible wonder of the Universe we are part of… Feel the wonder of you…

And if it feels good to you, let’s do this again tomorrow, and every day, so together we lift up the world around us and in us.

Know that you are loved.


What if I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind.

What if I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind.

What if I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind.

From my experience as a life coach, one of the most crippling mental blocks we can run into as we try and build a life we truly love is this: “What if I make the wrong choice?”.
What if I upset the apple cart and it’s a mistake?
What if I realize later that I could have done better?

As a result, we may stay frozen exactly where we’ve been, sometimes for a long time, choosing status quo over taking any step.

Some of us remain is joyless jobs, or bankrupt mariages. .. for years, for decades.

Of course deep inside, there is the desire for some kind of new choice, some change, some RELIEF.  But despite that deep longing to do something new, to transform, to escape, to feel better… we dare not make a move.

We are masters at finding rational reasons, excuses, explaining WHY we don’t. 

We are always extremely creative when we fool ourselves,  when it comes to what stops us from moving in any direction.
When in fact, what makes us protect the status quo, is a deep fear. 

The fear to be wrong.

The risk to make a mistake.

For some of us, behind the fright, there is a terrible pain we would do anything not to feel.
The cause of that pain has a name: Shame.

A few years ago I listened to this talk by Brene Brown, and it’s so enlightening i recommend it :

In a nutshell “guilt = I made a mistake, I did something bad; shame = I am a mistake”, I AM bad.

She also says : “Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change”

Since shame is a master emotion, so strong that it is unbearable, and it affects greatly our ability for self-acceptance.

Putting this together with our awareness that “being wrong is shameful” for some of us as we’ve were taught as a child, makes me feel enormous compassion for anyone struggling with making life changing decisions.

In this light: “wrong = shame” it becomes easy to understand how excruciating it can be for some of us to upset the status quo, any status quo.

What if i’m wrong?

If i’m wrong i’ll have to feel that crippling burning pain of shame.

Though we find a lot of rationales to explain our resistance to induce big changes, life changes, even in the face of an unfulfilling situation, maybe it could help us to consider that our whole ability to endure, to remain, to not disturb the status quo, might just be avoidance all along of that burning feeling.

Shame is so hard to take, so profoundly self condemning that any other pain is easier to deal with.

A client of mine spoke of terror and it was so spot on!

In other terms, our resistance to change, our doubts, our fear of making the wrong move, are only the result of a very destructive early lesson where we were denied the right to be wrong every now and again as we build up experience.

The right to be wrong

Though all human beings are experiencing and learning best by taking the risk to be wrong, as a normal part, a universal part of finding out what living at best is for any of us, the pain of shaming denied that acceptance for those of us shamed when they were wrong, early on.

If this resonates with you, increasing your awareness of that equation wrong = shame having been trained into you (it’s not a natural thing, it’s a crippling denial of your worth) will be the door to freedom to make choices and take the risk to live on your terms with more self acceptance and self compassion…

We can’t unsee what we become aware of.
That’s the very cool part with awareness, when we see a pattern, when we realize what has been driving us, we then have the ability to witness, we can choose to remain alert and and to act in different ways, instead of letting the pattern have us…

In my work I see awareness set people free as they start questioning the validity of their crippling beliefs and how they were installed at a young age.

We are human beings, and as such we are able to reinvent ourselves, to create new beliefs (a belief is only a very very familiar thought, a mental habit; its familiarity does not warrant its accuracy), and to learn how to treat ourselves better.

Everyone benefits when we do so, because when we live an authentic life, we empower others to do the same.

We have the right to be wrong, it is not a shameful thing.
Simply because it is inherently part of Life to learn through trials and error.
When we dare not doing so we sell ourselves short from a life well lived.

We are not alone.

It’s good to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do all the shifting, all the growing out of old patterns, all the awareness work, on our own!
What I do now, as a life coach comes directly from having benefitted immensely from working with mentors, masters and  coaches who supported my growth at every big step I took.
Asking for help is sometimes the very best move we can make.

There is magic in serendipity, in following the bread crumbs, in letting ourselves be guided toward the book, the conference, the workshop, the webinar, the group… the person, who feels right for us.

Sometimes status quo feels safe, and sometimes it comes to feel like slowly dying.
At that point it’s good to look closer…

To your awareness and to your happiness!
Much love


Excellence or Perfection: what’s your mindset?

Excellence or Perfection: what’s your mindset?

I’ve said it before and I will again: perfectionism is the enemy of a life well lived.  In my experience, perfectionism is a foe.

Perfection is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…
First of all, the idea of perfection is preposterous as and in itself, because no matter how good we’ll do or be, it will be relatively to standards that have been created arbitrarily and bound to always get pushed further, in a practically never ending frustration.

#Perfection breeds #Intolerance.
Perfection, and the will to attain it, is a sure way to become extremely self-critical and by the same means critical of others.

By leaving no room at all for any variation, any straying or any quirk, it sets the standard so high that it is often a deterrent for many people to even attempt anything, therefore killing their chances to live a vast array of rich experiences.
For those of us who stick with its quest, Perfection will bring frustration, obsessive behavior and worst of all: intolerance.
Perfection is a source of fear.

Even if we were to reach a state of Perfection or feel that we have discovered a form of it, its nature will be sterile… there is no way to go from there, except the fear to lose it.

#Excellence on another hand is a beautiful thing because first of all it is a doable goal, and it is real.

Unlike Perfection, which is a cold concept, an idealization, a volatile standard, Excellence is something we develop, and practice, and enjoy while we develop it.Excellence is predictable, it comes with persistence and repetition, without the dread of failure.
Based on practice, it’s a way of life that makes our life better instead of making it a living hell.Excellence is a great way to BE.
It’s a living state, a satisfactory learning curve.

In a nutshell, when I go for Excellence it motivates me, it makes me take action, it stimulates me because I know that if I stick with practice, I will become better and better, and eventually excellent at what I do. It’s a given.

Excellence is more companionable.
People who excel at what they do are usually confident, successful and easy going people. They love sharing their #passion, passing on their acquired knowledge and are a great source of inspiration to others.
They treat themselves and others with the understanding that #growth is always possible from where we are and that every level of that growth is in itself to be enjoyed.

So in a world that seems to become more and more radical, and divided, I’d rather aim for Excellence, rather than Perfection.
I believe it is a more loving and surer path to #success and to making the world better.

To your growth and happiness, always
Much love

The life transforming power of minute choices

The life transforming power of minute choices

When we talk about making choices, in relation to our future and personal growth, we often refer to significant choices. Big stuff.

Life changing choices must be, by nature, daunting and hard to take. At least that’s what seems to be the belief for many of us.

For sure, there are occasions when we have to take #decisions, make choices, in a big way, like will we move from Santa Barbara to Taos? Or should we get married? Is it time to quit our soul stifling job? These choices can be excrutiating, or they can be no-brainers, but we are aware in any case that they will have a big impact on our existence.

What we are less aware of, however, is the incredible power or the tiny bitty choices we make in the course of every day, with hardly a second thought, and often in a very casual, or even unconscious way.

Minute #choices, such as let’s say, add 1/2 spoon of sugar instead of 2, wear heels or comfortable walking shoes, buy a $4 latte or take our own cup of coffee from home, smile or frown, interrupt a friend or listen all the way, sit straight or slump, walk or drive, text while driving or not, have a glass of wine or not, keep our emails clear and tidy, or let them accumulate in an overwhelming number… I could go on and on… you get the drift. Little things.
All these tiny choices hold amazing power in the sheer number of their repetition, despite their relative insignificance in isolated occasions.

In fact, when we look at them closer, it’s what we do the most in small ways but long periods of time, that shape our lives.
Nothing flashy here. Only the humdrum of habits.

But wait! Could my habits be mostly unconscious choices? Indeed.

When I take the 2 spoons of sugar, I choose to indulge in the moment, and to continue what might already be responsible for a pesky extra weight or a diabetes threat.
When I smile deliberately, I make myself feel better, and that’s a proven fact… day after day, I won’t develop the same kind of wrinkles, nor the same kind of relationship to the world.
The simple fact to refrain from texting while driving insures that I won’t be maiming or killing someone for it.
When we let things such as emails unattended, we end up not being able to even see what mught be important, and we’ll feel anxiety.
And when I have that glass of wine every day, I noticeably increase my risk to develop cancer.

As we see here, time is of the essence.
Repetition shapes WHO WE ARE.

On the long term, a tiny choice can make or break my health, my #relationships, or my financial soundness.
On the moment, as a one of, each small choice looks insignificant enough, though.

But you make that insignificant choice every day and the results is gonna get more and more heft.

So can we shape our lives in a very significant way by making tiny significant choices every day? You bet.
It’s even the most efficient way to change our trajectory, in any domain of life, without having to upend it!
Let’s say you are journeying through space, and you vary your direction only 1 degree angle. What will happen? After a while you’ll end up in a very different place than where you aimed to go at first.
Guaranteed. ONE DEGREE. How small is that?
The cool part is that tiny choices are DOABLE.
They are manageable.
They are not so challenging that we get discouraged by the idea…
Also they can be made immediately, in the flow of today’s life.
No big deal. Right now.
If I keep it up… it’ll be a new habit before I realize it.

It just requires one thing, a very powerful thing: the #mindfulness to do what we do in a deliberate fashion.
Becoming #aware that every single action I take is actually a choice I make.
That’s my power in action. That’s the way I shape my #life
.And the rewards are mind blowing.
Small choices… they are our best friends if we choose to make them so.

Much love


Art boost at work? A game changer.

Art boost at work? A game changer.

Do you work in a chaotic environment that involves a lot of pressure?
Then you would benefit greatly from having Art around you.
Chronic stress keeps us in a state of high alert detrimental to our health, our happiness, and our cognitive abilities.

On another hand, exposure to uplifting visual clues triggers a biological positive response involved in immunity, digestion and cell repair and you can see how serene, mindful and meditative art work can be a game changer and even more so in your work environment.

In 1967, David Rockefeller established the BCA — a national nonprofit organization that brings business and the arts together. The BCA conducted a survey across industries that assessed the positive effect of Art in the workplace.

In fact, Art at work reduces stress and increases our productivity (up to 32% accordingly to Karen Higginbottom in her excellent article for Forbes in May 2016).
Deutsche Bank is on board with it. The German investment bank has the biggest collection of corporate art in the world, with some 60,000 art works across 900 offices in 40 countries.

What makes Art so powerful?
I personally believe Art partakes from a higher level of consciousness, an acute sensory ability and a limitless freedom of spirit that serves the whole human group.
In presence of Art we engage that part of us that is beyond earth-bound limitations, even when we are not aware of it.
We get in touch with the exquisite awareness of being gifted with Life. Through Art, we are connected, we are touched by grace, we are cosmic.

Did I mention that it takes only 13 milliseconds to see something and register it?
You won’t need to stare at the wall to get the full effect of a work of art, actually you can perceive it from the corner of your eye!

No matter how much you like or dislike what you do
When you are at work, no matter how chaotic your surroundings can be, you will always benefit greatly from a nurturing, transcending artwork to rest your mind upon during the day.
Far beyond its pleasant decorative qualities, the artwork you’ll choose to display can help you cope, recoup and relax when your day is particularly hectic.

In this day and age, we are all body conscious, we all take supplements and exercise, we eat the right thing and get massages… but how many of us deliberately choose to pamper our mind ?
What about a mind massage ?
Serene, meditative Art, purposefully designed to support wellness and awareness, does just that…

To your wellness!

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Forgiveness: A personal, emotional unshackling

Forgiveness: A personal, emotional unshackling

Forgiveness is a struggle for most of us
Forgiveness is the inner work triggering in us the most resistance though it is the most powerful healing tool we have at our fingertips at any time.
So why do we resist so much the emotional release, the liberation that true forgiveness can bring us?

Because there is a part of us that still clings to what happened in the past and REFUSES it.
As long as we hold the grudge, feel the pain, refuse the event and want repair, apologies, amends, or simply keep on hating the people who caused us pain, we are emotionally shackled to that event, and to these people.

And the sad part is that we do that to ourselves from the inside out.
No matter what happened then, it did happen and we need to leave it there.
But we keep it going

So here we are, wasting some of our beautiful life force in holding the memory, fueling the revengeful thoughts, rehashing the wrongness, and feeling the sadness and the anger all over again and again.
We do this to ourselves in the now. Nobody else does it to us.

1/By simply accepting what happened as a fact of the past, we start the process of letting it go; of putting it where it belongs: back then.
The second step in the process of forgiving (yes, it is a process) is to understand that we keep hurting ourselves with our negative feelings and memories.
Any negative thought we repeat over and over becomes a mental attitude that hinders us.
Any negative mental pattern becomes a guideline first, then a personality trait.
When we indulge in un-forgivingness we deprive ourselves from wholeness.
Forgiving is not excusing or condoning anything.
It is only letting go of the death grip we got on a particular time of our life.
There is no need to expose ourselves to more abuse or more grief by reaching out to the perpetrator though we can offer written pardon if we feel the need to do it (and we can either send it out or burn it after it is written).

2/By simply accepting the fact that life exposed us to a circumstance and that we have the freedom to choose our response to it, we open a door and let some relief get in.
We get our power back.
We are not victims any more but masters of ourselves.

3/The third step is allowing ourselves to feel liberated and grateful to be free.
Feeling the shackles of resentment, grief, and anger fall off puts us in a completely different place emotionally.
Now we can look at what happened from a distance, as a piece of our history.
We are not perpetuating it anymore.
We can celebrate the fact that we survived everything so far and are still here, free to make our tomorrows better than our yesterdays.
But, you’ll say: “How can I stop despising and hating a perpetrator?”

4/We can develop our ability to extend compassion toward every being no matter what, even though we may avoid, despise, condemn, or hate a given behavior.
All of us are at different stages of evolution, understanding, fear, and humane capability. There is no denying the fact. We hurt others and we get hurt by others. It is part of the experience of life.
When we extend compassion to all of us we give a chance to humanity to evolve as a whole.
Acknowledging, letting go of, feeling free and extending compassion is a sequential practice that permits us to for-give. To give forward. To become whole again.
As in any good practice, we want to include ourselves in the process.

Forgiveness of self is as crucial as forgiving others.
The acknowledgment part is the most tricky part here, because we rarely completely see how much grudges and self hatred we hold against ourselves! Seriously.
The truth is: when we arbor any kind of self destructive behavior we have self forgiveness to do.
So take a moment and ponder how truly loving your behaviors are toward yourself… Do you binge? Do you put yourself in debt? Do you think you are not good enough? Do you numb yourself with drugs or alcohol? Do you have any unhealthy repetitive behavior? If the answer is yes, you are demonstrating self-hatred. Just acknowledge it. Then start the process. Right now right here.
The best place to begin is in practicing self-forgiveness… it will get you all the way to forgiving the world.

To your practice.
much love


Ode to the Day

Ode to the Day

A new day, untouched, to savor and co-create.

Every morning I wake up with the same joyful anticipation one has just before a long awaited event, like Christmas morning or a departure for an exotic vacation… Here is a brand new day ahead, untouched, a precious package of 24 hours for me to unwrap, to infold, to open up, full of surprises and delights, a gift for me to open and share… A Present. Isn’t it just perfect to call every moment we live “the present moment”?
It doesn’t matter if there are challenges ahead, if hardwork is required, if chores have to be done, if people are uncool… It doesn’t matter that much because I am alive. I am alive and conscious. And that in itself is such a wonder to realize, to be aware of, to be thankful for, that it makes me bristle with anticipation, with desire, with primal happiness… Besides, I know because I have been for many years now honing my skills as a co-creator, that my very state of mind, my emotional signature as I live this day, will attract to me people and opportunities in harmony with it.
But then will you ask, what if the day goes awry, what if accident, pain, or grief strikes, un-wished for, disturbing, unsettling, despite my positive launching ?
In any case, I will trust that I am able to get through it and not get undone by it. I am confident that there is a power bigger than my present incarnation, the same power that keeps the stars turning and my heart beating, and that it works perfectly, in my favor, for my greatest good. It happens that I don’t understand its working. It happens that my earthly self gets forgetful of it, but when I stay in that flow of happy surrendering to the big Orchestra, and use my talents and knowledge to do what nurture my soul, what tickles my happy bone, what floats my boat… Then, the day is usually a great day!
As years go by, my gratitude increases, I relax into the wondrousness of the journey, I listen more to the soft voice of intuition, giving me clues if I let it.

Every day is a day of my precious, gorgeous, magnificent life and I am choosing joy to live it by.
This is the one thing that really is in my power, under my own guidance: what I choose to feel and who I choose to be, for the day ahead, as I open my eyes.
I want to sqeeze the juice out of every minute and savor the exquisite feeling of being here, sentient stardust, a spark of consciousness in its timeless becoming.
Unfathomable, immense, magical, Life courses through my veins and I think how beautiful that is.
Today is a great day to be alive.
Much love