Creating spaciousness, clarity and ease inside of ourselves is the most empowering and liberating thing in the world.

If my artwork speaks to you at a soul level, and you have been struggling with inner unrest, imbalance and frustration, desiring a happier life but not knowing where to start, or scared by the changes it involves, don’t wait: connect now!

You see, I was not always a successful artist, gallery owner and life coach… I went through the daily hell of on-going inner drama, wretched relationships, lack of purpose, self-doubt, self-criticisme, and poor self-love, for a long time…

In Jan 2008, after a scary diagnosis, I decided that no matter how long I’d live, it would now be on my terms, doing what I loved and creating my own happiness. Mentors, coaching programs, courses and various practices of radical self care helped me turn my ship around and live a life I truly love.
What I experienced and learned in the process became the foundation of my work now as a life coach and wherever you are at today, I can meet you there.
Self-mastery is my passion, I believe we are meant to grow, and thrive until we die; I am a forever learner, and this work is always pulling me forward to explore the next step myself.

Give yourself the gift of exploring and finding your own ways of creating what you deeply seek, would it be in your relationships, your work, or your health, there is a path between where you are today and what you long for.

The first step is to create clarity, vision, and genuine peace inside.

From there, you can move forward and purposefully craft the life your soul has been calling for, probably for a long time…
Design a life where you jump out of bed every morning bubbling with genuine joy, and eager to live that irreplaceable day!

If you are successful on the outside, but struggling inside, plagued by self-limiting patterns, waiting for the other shoe to drop, fearing to be “seen” and wearing a social mask, while feeling often miserable deep down, or feeling like a fraud sometimes, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Because you have in you everything you need to create harmony, balance, fulfillment and impact.
You are a powerful human being, a creator by nature, and whatever needs to change can be changed.
From the inside out.
You deserve fulfillment too and you don’t have to do it alone.

I believe in you and I can help you do just that. Connect now. Let’s talk.
Life is too short to postpone joy!

To learn more about my practice as a Life Coach you can also visit my coaching site Artistry Of Life Coaching.