“I can do it !” conference…

Louise Hay has been one of the speakers/teachers who made a difference in my life by bringing knowledge, enthusiasm and step by step mentoring when I looked for boosters in self growth and self realization.
Her publishing company, Hay House, offers an incredible array of self help books, DVDs and CDs by various valuable authors that have been inspiring and motivating thousands of people for a long time.

Besides Louise’s work, I personally enjoyed particularly the wisdom of Dr Wayne Dyer or Greg Bradden, as well as the more metaphysical “Abraham’s teachings”chanelled by Ester Hicks… All published by Hay House (see “Affiliates” links on my website: http://www.emmelinewatercolors.com/affiliates.html)

They have an event every year, called “I can do it !”

The next one is in Pasadena,  Oct 14th through 16th, 2011.

24 speakers including my very favorite ones like Dr Wayne Dyer, Greg Bradden or Marianne Williamson will be there, Louise Hay herself will be there (she is in her 80s and she’s amazing !)

I have the opportunity to promote the conference and I’d like to invite you to explore this opportunity to go see and listen to some  of the most extraordinary motivational and inspirational speakers of this generation !

You can do this through this link:


If you actually purchase a pass for one of the days or the whole conference, through this link, I’ll receive a commission. So I count on you to actually make sure that you use this link on this particular post, if you were to decide after checking them out, that it is something you’d like to go to !

To your growth !

More later…

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