Of happiness and expectations…

There is a fine line on which to dance when preparing any show, exhibition, performance or for that matter, anything at all that is of possible consequences in one’s life and therefore generator of hope and special preparation…  It requires a great deal of involvement and needs to be infused with one’s energy and vision, but it would be easy to get so much involved that the outcome could actually become the gage of one’s contentment or lack thereof…

That is actually where one has to decide before hand, that one is going to do their very best, but that no matter what result will be achieved, one will keep generating and preserving one’s ability to generate and radiate appreciation and peace for what is.

Like more or less everyone I suppose, I had moments in my life where outside events and unexpected results threw me off on a spin, but I am happy to say that I tend to be less prone to get affected negatively, nowadays ! I am always ready and willing to take the time and acknowledge or celebrate any great success (even small ones !) along  the line, but I also stay very carefully separate from my achievements or from my “under-achievements”, at least enough to be able to look at each event without feeling betrayed by Life when it doesn’t bring me exactly what I was aiming for.

In fact, that took me some time to learn, but it is my greatest ally in life, that ability to know that I’m worthy even when not praised, or rich even when not financially rewarded… or successful even when not seemingly so on the surface of things.

What ever happens today will be part of my life and as such, I already love it, because I do love being alive. Whatever the result at the end of the show, it will have been a great show, where I got to meet other people, other artists and enjoy their work and energies… Where I had the great pleasure to encounter new Art lovers who liked my work and dear patrons who came and visited for a while, always offering their unconditional love and support…

What ever the response of the public today, I’ll keep painting with joy in my heart and bliss on my brushes… however, I am always aiming for the highest, brightest and most astounding outcome, because I know that anticipating it brings it along… even if sometimes not under the form we thought it would !

Life is awesome… I am grateful.

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