Celebration of my craftswoman self…

So it’s official: I’ll be part of the 33rd celebration of craftswomen in San Francisco this year! http://www.celebrationofcraftswomen.org

Women.   Fine Arts and Crafts Women…

Hundreds of them, chosen by jury, from all over the US, in a large array of crafts.  All together for 3 days of exhibition in the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason, in San Francisco. I’ll have the booth #124. I’ll have plenty of original watercolors and oils on canvas, as well as a few Giclee Prints, touched up by hand after printing, to make them special and unique.

I’m looking forward to it… it’s on November 11th, 12th and 13th.

Meanwhile I am planning the set-up in my booth and buying all the necessary grid walls and hooks, clip lamps and what else, because without them, no show ! And so far I only participated in shows where all of those things where available for rent. Not this time.

It keeps me busy, that’s for sure ! But it’s also exciting to create a little contained world that will hold and show my work to literally thousands of people…

Of course I already have the great pleasure to show my work to all the people who come by my studio here in Bolinas, and I am blessed with a great number of patrons who keep supporting me and know of the calming and soothing qualities of my work, but it’s exciting to prepare 3 days of showing it on one of the most reputable art and craft festivals in US, right here in SF ! 

As a matter of fact there is something that got my attention in the rules of this particular event and it is something that happens to be in the rules of many of them: Giclee prints are accepted only if they are numbered and in a limited edition. This is something that of course makes the value of each print potentially higher on the art market, proportionally to the fame of the artist.

In the past, lithographs were the kind of copies that artists could get of their work and the editions were limited by a simple physical fact: the stones used to make the prints would get worn out and the prints would loose their sharp quality with increasing numbers. But today, with digital technology, each Giclee Print is absolutely as good as the first one ! So, you can ask “Why would one limit the number of their edition ?” The answer is: Speculation. Profit. Value. By LIMITING the number of prints you increase artificially its value. For eventual resale. That’s where I decided a long time ago, (actually when I started getting my work archived and copied) that I would not comply to that specific rule and that I would not limit the number of my copies.


It may seem of small importance at first glance, but this is a very determining belief ! And I do believe that, as a child of the Universe, which is in constant state of expansion, I do also tend to expand, and that it is going against the grain to restrain, constrict and limit anything that can extend my reaching out to the world and my ability to touch a great number of people. As a matter of fact, if a million people were to like one of my images and wanted to buy it to live around it, I don’t want to limit that possibility to a few hundreds !

Because beyond my desire for fame or riches or respect on the Art market, there is a much more powerful desire to follow my heart and to have a positive impact on people’s minds, lives and well being. I know for a fact that my relaxing images make them feel good and that, as I grow in my own work, it will be a stronger and stronger feature of my paintings. Therefore, the larger they’ll reach the better. I won’t limit the possibility for anyone, anywhere, to get a high quality Giclee print of mine anytime, and I am sure that my clients, my patrons, (my fans ?), will keep on buying my work for the sheer pleasure of having it around, no matter what the value on the art market will be ! My vision of Art encompasses so much more than what a limited edition can do !

So, for practical purposes and for being in order with the rules and restrictions of the event to come, I’ll have in my booth a very few Giclee prints and every one of them will have been retouched and enhanced by hand in my studio, to make it unique.  That’s even better than a number in the back of it, don’t you think ?

Have a wonderful day where ever you are and breathe into your own expansion…

More later…



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