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Hi everyone!
this month you can read a interview of  yours truly on you can shop for great art supplies!

Meanwhile I have been quite busy lately, not so much painting but creating a website for my life coaching practice Artistry of Life Coaching …! YES! and also getting my art website refreshed and simplified.
You are welcome to give me feedback on either or both! 😉

For all of you long time followers and friends who have been receiving this blog of mine for years, you noticed that it shifted toward more Art related posts… That’s because now my more reflective, personal, metaphysical or self growth related writing is to be found on my Artistry of Life Coaching site blog !!
You can get it each new post straight to your email inbox by signing up here:

Thank you for being here… Let me know how you like the different changes!
Many blessings…

Artistry of Life Coaching

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