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Hurray hurray!                   Vig 15
My NEW website has been launched!
The whole process of remodeling, rebuilding it and merging it with the Blissful Gallery site, starting with a clearer vision and a better concept took about a year…!
But here it is! I am ecstatic: new looks, new functionality, new apps, new paintings (some “old” ones too)… A much easier site to navigate, less talk and all highlights on the artwork.
Worry not, the URL is the same:

vig 4
There is a story behind this new virtual window open to the world.
I had the pleasure to meet Kurt Kleman while he visited Stinson Beach 2 years ago. He actually stepped into the Blissful Gallery on the first day I opened it for business! We talked. It was a nice encounter. He came back a year later and I asked for his feedback. His first observation was about congruence: the need to convey the feel he got inside the Blissful Gallery through all tools promoting it… He then accepted to help me with an essential part of my endeavor: branding and marketing which is something his company does very well. Because I could tell how much the blissful Gallery resonated in Kurt, and because we had conversed at length about my core intention as an artist, I totally trusted him to conceptualize a new site that would accurately represent my work and the microcosm of the gallery itself.
Witnessing visitors’ reactions as they discovered my work, I felt compelled many years ago, to cultivate the relaxing and uplifting effect my paintings do evoke, and take it to a higher level. It became my main focus since then, to trigger in the viewer something akin to a spa session…for the mind.
Images have a tremendous impact on our psyche, while we are conscious of it or not, and unfortunately we are exposed every day to an astounding amount of threatening or depressing images, unless we become very aware and very selective about what we let in.
Creating images that would instantly relieve stress and trigger positive feelings is a way to heal the world that I enjoy beyond words.                                                                                                     emmeline-craig-upside-down-sitting-in-the-sky-borderMeanwhile, in the last decade, I really became an eager student of the many ways we can refine our relation to Life and to the infinite creative force surrounding us. I learned how to use my thoughts, my awareness, and my own inner compass, to transform my perspectives and my circumstances.
Thanks to luminous teachers and authors putting in modern words what was already in many ancient texts of wisdom, in cryptic ways, these tools are slowly percolating into public awareness…
Metaphysics represent the means of being co-creators in our life story as sentient beings having a human experience. Many of us relate to the results with words like “miracles” or “serendipity”, or “magic”…

The stuff that comes “out of the blue”…     "Inside Out,quantum journey"

Kurt suggested to add “magic found here” in the header of my new website. He thought it would convey what he felt when visiting the Blissful Gallery, and being surrounded with my paintings, as well as conversing with me.

On the left hand side you will discover a secondary menu, and for special occasions, a Prints Sale banner. There will be a sale to celebrate the launching, don’t miss it.
You will also find a link called “magic” there. The “magic” page is a virtual billboard for some life-transforming tools and self-mastery related material that I want to share…
It will offer a special sign up form for those of you who want to be on the “magic list” and receive more in depth reflections and useful transformational tools about the subjects succinctly posted on the page.

The “News” page will publish anything relevant in terms of events, workshops, shows, or significant turns in my work, at the gallery and in my artist life…

I am very grateful for this new beginning. It’s a beautiful tool and I hope you will enjoy it and visit it often. Any feedback from you is always precious, don’t hesitate commenting, or emailing me to share your thoughts!

Last but not least I want to acknowledge my dear friend Bev Young, who worked with Kurt’s concept to build me a user friendly site, with all her skills and knowledge and her gentle touch… She did a fabulous job as always, and I highly recommend her for all your web presence needs.

Here is to new beginnings, the “magic” of life and all that connects us through the ether…

More later…        Vig 12

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