Saturday on the air…

I have news !

Saturday morning from 11 am until Noon I will be talking on the local radio KWMR, with my long time friend and fellow artist Kathy E. Sparling.

We’ll be hosted and interviewed by Julie Motz, in “The place we live” created by KWMR office administrator and host Marc Matheson.

The fact is, Julie Motz is not only a radio host, you see, she is primarily a “radical healer” !

Check her out: and…quite extraordinary! I am so thrilled to get to meet her ! As a matter of fact,  the show was planned on Aug 6th with Marc himself, who invited me. But then… I spare you the details, but in a nutshell, the date and host have changed and I ended up discovering Julie Motz ! That’s serendipity for you…

At any rate, during the show we will talk about Art, our work, and what not… You can tune in from anywhere in the world on line at:’t that cool ?

Life is such a wondrous thing, isn’t it ?

More later…

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