Creative art-making workshop March 22, 2020


This art-making exploratory workshop is all about exploring our boundaries honoring skills while fearlessly co-creating with other people, for 3 hours!

While having the pleasure to draw and color in free form, this is a very valuable self-awareness exercise as we all live in a world full of all different human peers, in a social climate that pushes us to divide and oppose what we don’t agree with. We will have the opportunity and the pleasure to engage in a common work of creation while honoring our own inner and outer space.

This workshop is priced much lower than usual because the materials involved will be simpler than in the regular workshops .
If you work in a challenging team, if you have a hard time being  peaceful in the midst of social interactions, or simply are a people pleaser who gets frustrated and overwhelmed, this workshop is for you!

Art is a wonderful and safe way to elevate our awareness and our inner peace, in what may feel like a world gone bonkers.

Making art for the sheer pleasure of the process is one of the very best stress relievers and mind expanding tools you can use and benefit from… Scientific studies tell us that it has a positive and lingering effect on our mood, immune system, hormones regulation, and well being in general, not to mention it’s fun and liberating in many ways.
No matter what you think of your artistic skills, and even if you never drew or painted before, you will be guided gently into exploring forms, colors and compositions to express yourself intuitively.
Putting our inner critic on hold and tapping in the unlimited well of creativity we all have access to is an exhilarating experience; one of the things we wish we’d have done sooner!
This is designed for a small group: 6 participants at most, for optimal fun and guidance.

All materials are included.

3 hours workshop, all materials provided: $125.-

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