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Feb 10, 2019 from 10am to 1pm Creative Art Making Workshop


This unconventional workshop is all about getting in touch with your muse and your innate creativity for 3 hours!
No matter what you think of your artistic skills, and even if you never drew or painted before, you will be guided gently into exploring forms, colors and compositions to express yourself intuitively.
If you are an artist and feel a little stuck, you’ll find that it will revive your creative flow.

This workshop is specifically oriented toward spontaneity and freedom.

Putting our inner critic on hold and tapping in the unlimited well of creativity we all have access to is an exhilarating experience beneficial to anyone, at any age.
This is designed for a small group: 6 participants at most, for optimal fun and guidance.
All materials are included.
3 hours workshop, all materials provided: $195.-

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