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CLOSED May 22nd, 4 to 7pm Miniature painting


In this workshop I will guide you to create a genuine miniature watercolor from start to finish and we’ll frame it for you to take it home ready to display!
Miniatures can be completed in a few hours which makes them very enticing and approachable, while requiring focus.
We will look for composition and balance to give a sense of spaciousness in spite of the diminutive nature of the genre.
Painting miniatures is something I have been doing for many years and I will show you how to relax, immerse yourself in your tiny project and make it come alive…
This 3 hours workshop, all painting materials and frame provided: $195.-
Tea and water will be available. Please come 10 minutes early to get settled!
Monday May 22, from 4 to 7pm, at the Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach.
Seats are limited, book yourself now if you’d love to join me for this creative evening together!


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