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smooth emergence

Original 36 x 36″ water mixable Oil on deep canvas, painted around the edges.
Abstract, half way between abstract and figurative, “Smooth emergence” is about reality taking form as we project and perceive it… More precisely it is about our core relationship with the coalescence of reality as we see it. Further more its price, containing the number 66 brings the angelic message of love, compassion and harmony.
This piece, painted while holding an intention to easily thrive in various manners, depicts one of my most cherished flower emerging from a very textured background where light and shadow balance each other out…
This painting packs a wallop of positive energy and most people are very receptive to its radiant presence.
I have no doubt that its vibrating energy will enhance your surroundings in a very positive way.

“Smooth emergence” Original oil on canvas, painted edges: SOLD

Archival Giclee Prints can be purchased here.
If you’d like an original similar to this, contact me.


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