the watchers

The watchers: $1,950


Original 19″ x 25″ Watercolor on paper, double matted and framed in black wood.
This original watercolor speaks of a world at the edge between fantasy and reality, where everything is mightily possible, but a little surreal… There is a sense of expectation in the air… A vast arid expanse of land, possibly in South Europe, but then again, who knows… A tall tower, solid in spite of its wavy lines, stands tall, like a sentinel of some kind, flanked by a tall cypress tree,  slightly bend in the breeze. On the path to this unusual homestead, a watchful dog sits, surveying its surroundings, waiting probably for the return of the tower dweller. A lone bird spies from above, soaring effortlessly  in the warm current of a sky hazy with high drifting clouds. This is the telling of a tale, the door ajar onto mystery, a border land of timeless whimsy… “The Watchers” will keep delighting you by its many details and unique atmosphere, reminiscent of dreams and imaginary kingdoms… Let yourself be transported and enjoy… ~Emmeline
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