Summer treat recipe…

I love chutney ! And I love making chutneys, creating recipes as I go, and playing with the different spices and proportions, on a classic base, with different fruits…

I remember making a fantastic pineapple chutney years ago, and of course, I didn’t note down the recipe, at the time ! It was spices and fire in a velvet spoon…

So yesterday when I made my newly created wild plum spicy chutney, to finish up a batch of plums given by a friend who pick them from his non-treated, non-trimmed and generous plum trees… I did note down the recipe ! and here it is :

Spicy plum chutney
A small colander full of Plums, ripe but tangy. The wilder the better. I mixed small yellow and medium purplish red ones.
Organic Sugar to taste. (I used a cup 1/2)
Rice Vinegar to taste (I used about 5 T spoons)
8 big Garlic cloves peeled and chopped.
2 big pinches of All Spice powder.
Chili Sauce to taste (I used about 3 T spoons of it) or Cayenne powder.
A 3 inches long piece of Ginger, peeled and chopped fine.
A sachet of pectin gel (optional) to give more body.
A deep pan with thick bottom.
A wooden spoon.
Clean small Mason Jars or other glass jars, must close tight.

Wash and pit the plums, cut them in pieces.
Put them in the pan with the sugar, all spice, garlic, ginger, chili sauce and vinegar.
Simmer gently for 1/2 hour, stirring very frequently with wooden spoon.
Add the pectin, stir and boil quickly while stirring for a minute.
Take off the heat.
Put a large spoon of the mixture in each jar, to warm up the glass, then fill them up as high as possible and close immediately.
Let cool off and label them. Put away in dark pantry or cupboard. Keeps for months.
Enjoy and then, refrigerate any open jar. Keeps for weeks.

If you make too much of it, offer a small jar of it to a foodie friend of yours as a gift…

This recipe has been entered in the Garden of eating “Can you can it? Yes you can !” contest. Check their site out:

Happy summer… more later…

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