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I’ve been a foodie for  long time, and my food of choice is always organic or pesticides free, as local as possible and definitely not spiced with GMO !
Today I want to pass along a link to the OCA (Organic Consumers Association) for you to check them out and if you have any dollar to spare, donate to support their biggest campaign ever to undo Monsanto’s minions’ toxic work. OCA has been for 13 years a great source of real information and an incredible carrier of root grass campaigns with a lot of good results for the future of true food. I have been a member for maybe 8 years or so. They are extremely useful and organized and I am so thankful for their work !

Food is essential for all species and every one of them has specific needs to be able to survive, reproduce and generally thrive. We are the only one who eats on a regular basis inappropriate foods that make us devolve and get sick ! It has been proven that whole organic food in appropriate amounts, permits to improve people’s health from over all well being to autism, ADD to celiac disease, cancers to skin problems… and generally speaking keeps us alive and happy. Instead of protecting and informing us,  regulators like the FDA have been consistently allowing on the market denatured and often harmful foods and pharmaceuticals for the profit of greedy corporations, and limiting our access to natural ones.

The Organic Consumers Association is a powerful tool for the preservation of whole living foods and if you can, I urge you to donate even if it’s only $5.-, to support their biggest campaign ever… They need us, and we need them.

Thank You ! …More later…


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