about emmeline’s work

“A spacious, peaceful mind is always happier,
clearer, more powerful.
This is why I paint visual meditations for your
mind to quieten and expand, leaving you
refreshed every time you lay eyes on them.”


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Emmeline’s spacious and benevolent paintings, are quantum portals to harmony. Their relaxing and uplifting effect empowers and nurtures the viewer at a deep level, where serene clarity transcends circumstances.
Her mastery resides in crafting each painting as a visual meditation that helps quieten mind chatter and expand consciousness, giving a means to the viewers to reconnect with their innate soul-seated wellness.

Don’t take our word for it: immerse yourself in her work here on line or come to the Blissful Gallery and experience the wonderful effect of Emmeline’s paintings on your own state of being.
When you purchase Emmeline’s work, over 4% of it goes to charities, so you can feel good about that too!

Emmeline Craig was born in France and moved to California in 2000. You can meet her in person and see her work at her own Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach, CA. on Highway 1. Her paintings, large and small, have won the hearts of private collectors and art lovers from San Francisco Bay to Asia, Brazil​ and Europe.

Here are a few testimonials from her patrons:

“Emmeline’s creativity is whimsical, thoughtful, and like a breath of fresh air. I have her work on display in my studio to remind me that joy can be found absolutely everywhere.”
– Barb Overholt • artist, San Jose, CA

“Emmeline’s art saves my sanity and heals me every day. I have as much as I could afford all over my house…”
– Robin T. Bolinas, CA

“Do take the time to have a conversation with Emmeline whose wisdom and love shine more brightly than the brightest diamond. Emmeline is one of the most generous spirits you ever will meet and her light is reflected in her fabulous art. Thank you, Emmeline, for all of the love you shower on our community!”
Catherine W. Stinson Beach, CA.

Emmeline’s other passion is coaching, to uplift, empower and transform lives. If you are interested please visit her Artistry of Life Coaching website.

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