Painting as a celebration of LifeThe magic wand…Discover Art as a mental oasis!Relax in lightness…Have a care-free moment!Feed your dreams…Trigger your inner BlissPamper your spiritReconnect with your soul…Take a breathElicit Serenity…Invite your inner child to playRecall primal exhilarationGive your mind a restContemplate…Bring spaciousness within…Refresh your thoughts…Soothing the mind one image at a time…Enter Emmeline’s world…
Bring in the power of positive imagery!
Discover Art that lifts your spirit day after day…

Uplifting images feed positive messages to your brain! Positive Artwork goes way beyond decoration: it infuses your daily life with wellness.

Ancient knowledge and recent studies show that a relaxed, uncluttered mind is the best tool for an empowered, happy life.

Emmeline’s peaceful paintings elicit happy thoughts and spaciousness within. Look at a large blue sky with wispy clouds stretching by, strands of grass bending in the wind, a symbolic portal…serene scenes that give a beneficial pause to your mind and make you relax right away. Immerse yourself for a minute or two in a scenery that takes you away…

Welcome to Emmeline’s world. Each painting is a collectible work of fine art designed to enhance your surroundings and offer a mental oasis to refresh your spirit.

Experience the uplifting effects of Emmeline’s original oils, watercolors, and giclee prints:

Originals and Prints available now | Custom work for unique spaces

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