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outside in tempestuous bliss | Emmeline Craig

outside in, tempestuous bliss

This is currently the largest and most sophisticated piece of work in my studio; lavishly executed with oils on canvas, it truly is like a virtual window to live by.
I lived with it and in it, for several months… enjoying every little detail and creating the feeling of joyous wind and warm rain, sun playing hide and seek with swiftly moving clouds… a warm breeze lifting the sheer curtain… It was inspired by a trip to the heavenly island of Kauai.
It is a luxurious piece, beautifully custom framed, that will defy time and become a family asset.
Let yourself be transported and bask in its enchanting tropical atmosphere; it will soothe your mind and uplift your spirits while spectacularly magnifying your space.

Originals are timeless and unique works that have no equivalent whatsoever in quality and the energy they convey. My paintings are designed as blissful virtual spaces in addition to being powerful elements of style in your home. For a better view of any original piece we can set up a virtual visit and I’ll be happy to meet you in a video call. If you would like me to create a special piece for you, let’s talk about commissions.
CLICK on any painting to see its specs, see it larger, and acquire it right now if you wish. There, you can enlarge its pic again by clicking on the little magnifier icon, and once more, to see it really up close. You’ll see the details and brush strokes.

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