A spacious, peaceful mind is always happier, clearer, more powerful. 

If your life is hectic and full of all types of obligations and you find yourself being tired out at the end of the day, my art is the shortcut to peace of mind, as it will not only decorate your home but it will uplift the spaces you live and work in.

Never underestimate the power of the art you bring in to your environment.

I paint each piece as a visual meditation that helps quieten mind chatter and expand consciousness, giving a means to the viewers to reconnect with their innate soul-seated wellness.
We all can use a little more inner peace!
Don’t take my word for it: immerse yourself in my work and experience its positive effect on your own state of being.

Do you wish you’d have a magic place to escape to, let go and relax, when you have too many things on your mind?

My paintings are designed as quantum portals to wellness and harmony.
Their relaxing and uplifting effect empowers and nurtures the viewer at a deep level, where serene clarity transcends circumstances.

Long practice and clear intention have given me the skills to create virtual spaces where you can let your mind roam freely and feel safe and welcome, while bringing some of your own story in the picture. I never crowd my paintings, and I always bring some joyful bits,  symbolic details, little things sending quietly a happy signal to the viewer.  It’s all about energy and atmosphere…

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I grew up in France and moved to California in 2000.
My paintings, large and small, have won the hearts of private collectors and art lovers from San Francisco Bay to Asia, Brazil and Europe.

Starting in 1990, in South of France,  I showed my work in various exhibitions primarily in casual venues.
For many years, I painted at a very small scale; I was invited and participated to 5 Miniature shows at the Bolinas Museum, and more recently enjoyed being part of the yearly International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, at the MPSGS of Washington DC.

As my work grew in size and volume, I enjoyed adding oils to my palette and began executing large pieces on canvas and on wood panels.

It was a new avenue and proved to be exhilarating!
One of my early large oils on canvas was featured on the cover of Marin Magazine of June 2011.

Today I paint a great deal of Original oils, (using a new generation of paints, called water mixable oils, that permit an easier cleaning process and don’t require any toxic medium such as Turpentine,  which makes them much safer to use)  but most of my miniature works are still watercolors on paper.

For close to 8 years I created, owned and ran my own art gallery, The Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach, prior to COVID-19.
It was a joyful and very successful adventure, and I got to learn a lot about the business side of artistry, which artists rarely get to do.
I got to meet and create personal connections with a great number of people.
Many fabulous conversations took place spontaneously at The Blissful Gallery!

I always loved these personal meetings and special time with fans and clients at the gallery but today I am enjoying the freedom and flexibility given by a virtual gallery online. On one hand, I don’t meet anyone in person, but on another hand, I can virtually meet with people all over the world, in real time, and connect genuinely, thanks to the wondrous technology we are so fortunate to have!

As of October 2022, I’ll be transitioning from California to France… Creating a new chapter and a new studio there, from which I’ll keep sending news and sharing new paintings as they are created… If you want to follow that journey please sign up to receive my emails.

Once I am settled again and painting, in my French quarters, and to not lose the priceless quality of personal conversations and meetings, the considerations around a piece of work, the lingering between choices, and all together the pleasure  of visiting, I will be happy to offer you a virtual visit on video, to chat with you and show you some details and particularities on any piece you’d like to know more about. Do contact me to set one up if you have any questions or would like to converse!

I believe we are all connected, and our connections are the true riches of our lives.
Thank you for reading, and taking the time to explore this virtual little world of mine. I hope you’ll choose to stay in touch.

My other passion is coaching, to uplift, empower and transform lives. If you are interested please visit my Coaching Page

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