commissioned work

Sam. Commission watercolor by Emmeline CraigHere is “Sam”. 

Sam was a much beloved furry companion and when he became a cat angel, a dear friend of his human asked me to paint a portrait of him as a bereavement gift.

It was a very special work and really touched the receiver’s heart.

I had it framed and giftwrapped, then it was picked up by my client, but I could have shipped it as well.

Commissions, large or small, are always utterly meaningful original works of love.

A commissioned work is the magical result of your special desire manifested through my expertise… It is art that we create together, a rare experience embodied in the painting that will perfectly adorn your personal space in a way unlike any other.

Because of the intense process of merging your vision and my work, I commit to only 2 commissions per quarter or less.

How it works:

First fill out the application below and I’ll be in contact with you within a few days to speak with you, understannd what you have in mind, and if we are a good match, define the specifics of the project. Once we agree, I’ll send you a Scope Of Work outlining my commitment to you and you’ll send me a non-refundable retainer for a quarter of the projected price. 

I’ll then get to work on your commissioned painting!

About halfway through the process, I’ll check in with you to see if we are in perfect alignment or if there is a need for any adjustment.
When the painting is completed, I’ll send you photos of it and an invoice for the remaining balance, and if it is an oil, we’ll let it dry at my studio until it’s ready to be picked up, delivered or shipped safely, usually several weeks. A watercolor would have a much shorter turn around time, due to its quick drying nature.

If you want to be one my special few, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for contacting me. I am looking forward to talking with you!
I’ll make sure to get back to you shortly to have a real conversation about this very special creation and let you know about my availability.

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