We do not collect personally identifiable data unless it is given to us by you, the user. However, we do collect impersonal details about your visit including (but not limited to) the pages you view, how long you view them, where you click and cursor movement, in what country your IP is located, how you got to our site in the first place, and, in some cases, retain video of your movement around our site. This data is not linked to your name, email address, or other specific identifying information. This data may be collected using cookies. This data may be kept in perpetuity.

Should you submit personally identifiable data to us through a form or a comment on our site, such information will not be accessible by third parties unless otherwise indicated on that particular form. This would include cases such as a webinar involving another expert for which you submit your email address to us in order to attend. Your email address would then be shared with the other expert. In any instance where this is not disclosed, your information will not be accessible to a third party, but will pass through one or more third-party tools such as Active Campaign, WordPress, Celery, PayPal, or WooCommerce. These third-party tools will not access your personal information, but merely store it for our use. If you submit your email address to this site, you may be added to our email database and may receive advertising messages in the future. You may unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every email or by contacting us and requesting to be manually removed. This information may be kept in perpetuity.

Should you make a purchase through this site, your credit card information will not be retained after the payment has drafted unless you have chosen to pay in installments, in which case your credit card information may be kept until all payments have been made. Your address, phone number, name, or other non-financial information submitted to us will be kept in perpetuity.

You may ask us, in writing by email using our contact page, to remove your information from our systems and databases and we will do so within seven days of receiving your request.

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