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A vector of peace

One can feel very powerless today in front of the many signs of unrest around us in the world.
From neighborhood to nations, from individuals to micro cultures, opinions and judgements, discriminations, ostracism and criticism, hate and division seem to contaminate every level of our humane existence on this planet.

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Personal time… Am I being selfish?

I had a conversation lately with someone who longs for positive change and considers coaching with me. She prioritizes her family and coworkers whom she wants to be there for, in a myriad of ways, and feels it would be selfish to carve out time for coaching, to focus on herself, her wellbeing, her relationships,

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Self-Acceptance: a safe space for growth

Though we may talk about Self-Care and (reluctantly) about Self-Love, we seldom really approach Self-Acceptance.Self-Acceptance? Hhhmmm…. Sounds very self-centered, and reeks of indulgence, somewhat. How could this allow me to ever outgrow my shortcomings, perform at my best, be an inspiration, be successful?I would have to accept the whole of me? I would have to

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The swirl (relax it’s just a thought storm!)

The Swirl (Relax, it’s only a thought storm!)Sometimes I get all in my head.You know what I mean. I dive into thought.All kinds of elaborated variations around whatever fear or doubt is going on.About anything.I know better. I learned that I should not believe all my thoughts. They come and go.They don’t reflect reality; most of the time they even

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I choose happiness

Choosing happiness is a deliberate attitude toward Life that not only permits you to thrive, it also shines light onto the world. Nothing selfish about it. Happiness, contentment, joy, and gratitude, are not “happening” to us. They are feelings that we can generate from the inside out, by focusing on what is already good and

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A new year ahead, what will it bring?

What will 2023 bring? After almost 3 years of Covid-19 pandemic and its trail of losses, fears and realizations, we may be wondering about what 2023 will bring.This was a long and winding road we took, and many of us sufferred loss in so many ways. Although we are a lot less directly affected by

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Hidden whimsy

You remember when you were a kid, laying under the sky and looking at the clouds? You’d see all these fantastic figures, creatures, and things in them? Morphing and fading away in minutes, and so exhilarating every time…As kids we are familiar with whimsy. We are it. We love it. And too often we grow

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Back to my easel… at last.

A few weeks ago I sat in front of my easel, I squeezed some glistening oil paints on my palette, took up a brush, and started to paint again.I made luscious little mounds of paint, added thinner, and linseed oil, and I started mixing colors, and applying their creaminess on the canvas… sky first. Ultramarine

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Art boost at work? A game changer.

Do you work in a chaotic environment that involves a lot of pressure? Then you would benefit greatly from having Art around you. Chronic stress keeps us in a state of high alert detrimental to our health, our happiness, and our cognitive abilities. On another hand, exposure to uplifting visual clues triggers a biological positive

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self love

Fostering the child within

Everyone of us has been a child.  As a child, we assimilated, integrated, coped with, got used to, and learned how to deal with whatever structure and beliefs were the norm at the time. We did integrate mind patterns, behaviors, beliefs, habits that were around us, but not always the best for us.

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Flying seagull by Emmeline Craig

What if I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind!

From my experience as a life coach, one of the most crippling mental blocks we can run into as we try and build a life we truly love is this: “What if I make the wrong choice?”. What if I upset the apple cart and it’s a mistake? What if I realize later that I

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