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Hidden whimsy

You remember when you were a kid, laying under the sky and looking at the clouds? You’d see all these fantastic figures, creatures, and things in them? Morphing and fading away in minutes, and so exhilarating every time…As kids we are familiar with whimsy. We are it. We love it. And too often we grow

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Back to my easel… at last.

A few weeks ago I sat in front of my easel, I squeezed some glistening oil paints on my palette, took up a brush, and started to paint again.I made luscious little mounds of paint, added thinner, and linseed oil, and I started mixing colors, and applying their creaminess on the canvas… sky first. Ultramarine

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Art boost at work? A game changer.

Do you work in a chaotic environment that involves a lot of pressure? Then you would benefit greatly from having Art around you. Chronic stress keeps us in a state of high alert detrimental to our health, our happiness, and our cognitive abilities. On another hand, exposure to uplifting visual clues triggers a biological positive

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self love

Fostering the child within

Everyone of us has been a child.  As a child, we assimilated, integrated, coped with, got used to, and learned how to deal with whatever structure and beliefs were the norm at the time. We did integrate mind patterns, behaviors, beliefs, habits that were around us, but not always the best for us.

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Flying seagull by Emmeline Craig

What if I’m wrong? I can’t make up my mind!

From my experience as a life coach, one of the most crippling mental blocks we can run into as we try and build a life we truly love is this: “What if I make the wrong choice?”. What if I upset the apple cart and it’s a mistake? What if I realize later that I

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Art In Your Home - Short

The proven power of art in your home

The benefits of displaying artwork at home: Decreases stress levels, promotes critical thinking and ccreativity, fosters empathy, love and pleasure, adds personality, drives conversations and connections, builds an investment.

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Gratitude is like a warm blanket

Dear one, on Thanksgiving day (one of my most favorite holidays), which is a traditional occasion for big family gatherings and food feasts, my thoughts have been on gratitude, more so than usual. On a regular basis I practice gratitude, and I try to start my days right after waking up, with a focus on

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Inside Out Quantum Journey

Excellence or Perfection: what’s your mindset?

I’ve said it before and I will again: perfectionism is the enemy of a life well lived.  In my experience, perfectionism is a foe.Perfection is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… First of all, the idea of perfection is preposterous as and in itself, because no matter how good we’ll do

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The life transforming power of minute choices

When we talk about making choices, in relation to our future and personal growth, we often refer to significant choices. Big stuff. Life changing choices must be, by nature, daunting and hard to take. At least that’s what seems to be the belief for many of us. For sure, there are occasions when we have

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A mighty seed of Grace

Inside, at the core of each of us, humans, there is a tiny seed of Grace. We call it many names and for many of us it’s so deep and ignored that we would not know that it’s there… Except in those very special moments, when something makes us relax, open and expand into awe…

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Getting out of dry dock

Good news… In the past two days I started getting back seriously into what is my most focused, motivated, self-caring, self-nurturing mode of living… By this I mean that I am getting back into writing, eating more raw food, drinking more water, studying, engaging with my sacred work, and practicing many tools for balance and

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