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Please take your time and feel free to mosey through pages, and let the magic happen.
This is a place of happy contemplation and relief from worldly noise and chaos…
Thank you for visiting. Let yourself be, for a spell, and I will share a little bit with you if I may…

I moved from South of France to Marin County in 2000 and began what would much later reveal to be a deep journey into self-awareness and purpose. Years later, in 2006, by opening my art studio to the public, I got to witness people’s reactions when they saw my paintings: deep sighs, smiles, sometimes happy tears… they were in a matter of minutes, relaxing, softening and telling me their feelings.
My paintings had a noticeable soothing, uplifting effect on my visitors.

I had finally grasped what my art was about, right here, on the Western edge of the continent.
This natural response became my primary focus from then on.
What I did unknowingly, instinctively, so far, became a purpose, a practice and an expertise.

Precious feedback from my fans and collectors keeps coming in, confirming their love of every piece for its impact on their decor but also for the meditative power of each painting on their spirits.
In 2008, after a scary cancer diagnosis, I decided to live on my terms and to create deliberately my own happiness.
I quit my part-time job and leaped into full time artistry, self-healing and self-growth.
In 2012, I opened my own art gallery and enjoyed its joyful success until September 2020.

Today I am happy to share my work with you here, through this virtual portal where we can get acquainted. From here you can reach me to set up a video visit or ask any question you could have about my work, or a piece in particular.
Connection is everything and I’m deeply grateful for each encounter.
I’m glad you stopped by!

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