kind words from fans and collectors

Gail W.

“Your beautiful and oh so zen painting makes me happy (and grounded and at greater ease) literally every day”

Mary Gutekanst

“Connecting with nature has a power to heal us, both physically and emotionally. Looking at, and even thinking about, Emmeline’s images has that healing effect on me.  Thank you, Emmeline.”

Meg K. CA

“I was totally transported by the peacefulness of your paintings. The use of space, viewing the sky and clouds allowed me to quiet myself and turn inward to a place of tranquility. I can still see it in my mind’s eye and find myself there.”

Susan B.

“I’ve displayed your paintings: they are the first thing I see every morning when I wake up. They help me start my day with a smile!”

JD Jones

“…I enter the engaging enlightenment of the Blissful Gallery, and just that, bliss. The walls and table tops are covered with paintings that have captured a moment in time. I am drawn into one moment after another. The Gallery, its keeper and creator of mesmerizing moments in time, Emmeline Craig, keep calling me back…” 

Nickie Hart (Musician Artist) UK

“When I first came across Emmeline’s pictures I was struck by the freedom and peace they conveyed. Qualities that I had hitherto not come across in art. They certainly have a spiritual edge to them…”


“I was totally transported by the peacefulness of your paintings, incredible, beautiful artist emissary presenting!”

Barb Overholt (Graphic Artist)

“Emmeline’s creativity is whimsical, thoughtful, and like a breath of fresh air. I have her work on display in my studio to remind me that joy can be found absolutely everywhere.”

Vanessa S.

“I want you to know how much I enjoyed my visit to your gallery. Your work moved my heart! Just taking the time to relax and enjoy our visit in the serene surroundings calmed me so. You have an incredibly unique way about you that brought joy to my heart. We will definitely be back.”

Gayle Lantz

“Emmeline’s combination of talent and positive energy translates into incredibly beautiful images. A special treat to see and experience. I gave one of her creations as a gift to a dear friend knowing it would convey just the right message. I highly recommend Emmeline’s work.”

Roberta P.

“The minute I walked in I felt a great sense of joy and relaxation surrounded by her work.Her connection to nature and ability to convey that spoke to my heart. I bought a gorgeous piece which hangs in my home on the East coast, reminding me of the infinite beauty and sense of peace I feel each time I am here in the Stinson Beach area. Thank you Emmeline.”