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I chose years ago to own full responsibility in creating my reality.

Why ? Because my life was on the line. My one precious life.

Born with a crippling bone disease, I spent my entire youth dealing with frequent fractures and loosing the ability to walk.
As a finally valid and independent adult I struggled with deep emotional unrest and painful self-image, self sabotaging behavior, and difficult relationships.

I moved from France to California after getting married to an amazing musician (unfortunately also a deeply troubled man), and that was the beginning of yet much bigger struggles…  Another country, but the same turmoil, inside of me. The same patterns, only worse. Several years of hardship that ended in painful separation.

Until one day, without the shadow of a doubt, I could see that everything had to change in my life.
I had been diagnosed with breast cancer at that time and I took a hard look at my life, knowing that I’d choose my own path of healing.

I felt cancer was Life’s way to get my full attention. It was a real threat, but also a formidable opportunity to grow and evolve, to become me, to live full out.

Emotionally bruised, stuck in a little job and feeling profoundly unfulfilled at many levels, I contemplated the fact that so far, I had lived a life full of huge physical and emotional challenges, all along, one after another… for so many years.

My entire life was full of struggles.

I wanted more. I wanted different. I wanted better. I took a decision.

I committed to change the ways I was experiencing Life itself and to learn how to do that. Whatever it would take.

I committed to Me.

Choosing to finally allow myself to be happy, healthy and successful, I started an amazing journey into self-mastery.

I chose a mentor, invested in coaching programs (and still do), went to workshops, studied, and practiced many things to repattern my mindset, my perspectives and my habits. I healed my body. I cleansed my thoughts. I let go of habits.
I explored, I wrote, I prayed, I let go of old beliefs and created new ones, I tried new things, I quit my job, made art full time, listened to my guts and took great care of myself…

Growing became a priority in my life. Everything shifted.

My whole existence has been transformed and keeps unfolding in amazing ways… better and better.
Today, my uplifting paintings are acquired world wide by art lovers and collectors and I devote half of my time to coach because I adore this amazing work that transforms lives for the better.

Passionate about human behaviors, I keep studying and practicing ways to evolve, to grow and to reconcile with our true beautiful nature, continuously, so we can thrive and shine our unique light.

I live at my own pace and I absolutely love my life!

Becoming a life coach was simply the next step, as I wanted to share and propagate what helped me in so many ways, so much.
In gratitude for all the teachers who continuously nurture me…

my commitment

There is greatness in you. There is a larger you. A happier you.

It all starts with what we got used to believe about ourselves, and everything else. A fresh look can bring powerful shifts and even the smallest shift can bring big results… In any area of your life.

You see, I believe in you, so borrow my faith if you’re not sure, for now, and connect. We’ll talk. No strings attached.


Have a conversation and see what possibilities might unfold in your journey with a fresh perspective.

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