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inside out quantum journey

A portal stands in a vast landscape in front of a vast body of water. The weather appears to be different inside the stone arch than around it, creating a point of focus: the clear open sky inside the arch.
“Inside out, quantum journey” is a symbolic painting, inspired by both metaphysical and quantum concepts.
The quantum theory states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.
Meanwhile, metaphysical teachings affirm that our usual thoughts and average emotional vibration, are attracting circumstances and tangible reality matching that vibration (Law of Attraction).
If we want to alter our circumstances, we have to diligently watch and choose carefully what we focus on.
Painting “Inside Out, Quantum Journey” was all about creating a virtual portal to transformation and expanded consciousness. Perfect focus point for a large room or a healing space.

Beside, this painting contains subliminal images, hidden creatures, whimsical details, that you can discover among the clouds, that make it so much more than what you see at first glance! Look closely. Or cheat a bit and look at the gallery pics here.

If you’d like an original in the same realm, contact me.


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