Inside Out Quantum Journey

A portal stands in a vast landscape in front of a body of water. The weather appears to be different inside the stone arch than around it, creating a point of focus: the clear open sky inside the arch.
“Inside out, quantum journey” is a symbolic painting, inspired by both metaphysical and quantum concepts.
The quantum theory states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.
Meanwhile, metaphysical teachings affirm that our usual thoughts and average emotional vibration, are attracting circumstances and tangible reality matching that vibration (Law of Attraction). If we want to alter our circumstances, we have to diligently watch and choose carefully what we focus on.
Painting “Inside Out, Quantum Journey” was all about our ability to focus and transform our reality.
A virtual portal to transformation and expanded consciousness, this powerful piece is the perfect focus point for a large room or a healing space. Both the intriguing beauty of stormy clouds and the serene breakthrough of a benevolent beach will transport you and energize you, while the the surreal meaning opens your mind to quantum bliss..

This giclee print reproduction is available in 2 versions:
•    Premium paper:  acid-free, archival, gorgeous art matte paper, ready to frame.
•    Stretched Canvas: archival, satin finish, gallery wrap. Ready to hang at reception.

If you’d like to commission something similar please contact Emmeline.
Please allow 3 days to process paper, 7 days to process canvas before shipping at the address of your choice.
UN-STRETCHED canvas prints rolled in a tube are available by request (best for international shipping).





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