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outside in, tempestuous bliss

Inspired by the lushness and sensuous weather of Kauai, this is a painting I spent many hours thinking about, sketching, and feeling, before I even picked up my brushes. And then, I lived with it and in it, for several months… enjoying every little detail and creating the feeling of joyous wind and warm rain, sun playing hide and seek with swiftly moving clouds… Kauai is a feast for the senses. Colors, textures, tastes and sounds, luxurious fragrances drifting in by the open windows, speaking of lush flowers and ocean, of salt and fruits ripening… Two daring little birds came in to try and get their share of a freshly cut Papaya awaiting on the table… A colorful sarong hangs from a sturdy chair, speaking of easy living, siestas in hammocks and walks on the beach… Let yourself be taken and bask in the tropical atmosphere and enchanting bliss of this very large painting of mine… 
This original water mixable Oil on canvas, 40 x 60″, is custom framed in smoothly carved massive wood.

“Outside in, tempestuous bliss” original oil on canvas, framed: $22,000.-

If you’d like an original on the same theme as this, contact me.
Archival Giclee Prints can be purchased here.


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