sea whisper

Sea whisper: $9,000


Original 36 x 60″ water mixable Oil on canvas, framed in dark wood “floater” frame.
Vast. Benevolent. Timeless whisper of salted water gently rising, barely moving at all, at the edge of the world. I was kindly given permission to paint from a photograph by Sean Thackrey, artist, renaissance man and wine maker extraordinaire. His photo moved me so deeply that I had to paint it… This is a large canvas, indeed, 3 x 5 ft of liquid mindfulness… I executed it by means of transparent layering, glazing pigments and oil thinly over and over, to capture the quality of light from sky to water. Many days were involved, immersed in the absolute perfection of the moment, letting my mind drift in and out as I worked. Minimalist and very meditative, this painting is powerful and will be perfect on a large uncluttered wall. ~Emmeline
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