Some Words from Clients

Emmeline is a dedicated coach who holds space with no judgement or personal goals. She is there to serve and guide and expose and resolve.
When Emmeline and I started our journey as coach/client in 2021, I had been working with an art therapist for a good part of two years in an attempt to access and express difficult feelings around a pre-pandemic family crisis. The trauma and on going stress caused a deadness in me. Emmeline’s artwork, a pre pandemic memory, was something I turned to for help.I reached out to her for a coaching intro session . It was Emmeline’s approach and demeanor in that session that provoked feeling and reaction in me. I wanted to discover more. We began a nine month coaching journey in December 2021.
Emmeline and I worked on many different approaches, angles, and topics in order to reawaken my lost happiness and aid in the grieving process and recovery. New habits were formed, compassion was once again accessible, gratitude became a daily practice, acceptance became easier and self-love blossomed. The self-love action is one I always struggled with. Until one day after being coached and coached, with Emmeline never giving up, and practicing and practicing, with me never giving up, it hit me. Self-love was not about hair cuts, massages, shiny new things, or others loving me and showing their love to me. Self-love is the nonjudgemental self-acceptance of me by me. 
Armed with this gained knowledge and new ongoing habits and practices of self-love, my cycle of numbness finally broke and ended. It is through the consistent and persistent coaching of Emmeline over the last nine months that I have brought feeling and color back into my life through the teaching and coaching of actions in the name of self-love. 
Self-love is how I will continue to ground myself and grow.
Jeanne V., Salem, MA

I began working with Emmeline with the specific intention of “expanding” my purpose in life and directing it toward my profession.

As we began working together it became clear there was something much more profound happening to me and for me at a level surpassing my professional life.

So, mid-stream we changed our focus and I began exploring an inner life that I did not fully realize had been driving my professional life for 35 years!

As a direct result (albeit winding journey) of the insights I gained with Emmeline in our early work, I am now on the path to re-entering the academic arena to obtain my MA in Psychology and am making the professional pivot from a 40 year Hi-Tech Marketing Executive/Leader to a Trauma Therapist.

Emmeline is not your garden variety coach. She uses her talents of intuition, spirituality, deep understanding of herself and her multi-disciplinary training to guide you toward your best self.

~Rosemary Camposano. CA USA 2022

Today I am running my own business, dealing with all of the aspects of a business from client relations, marketing, design, presentations, account management and beyond.

It may seem unremarkable, as I am skilled, thoughtful, hardworking, accomplished, intuitive, and talented.

But I would not have been able to make a leap, had the clear vision, and belief in my abilities had I not worked with Emmeline.
The obstacles, mis-aligned beliefs, self-doubt and fear of failure were holding me back.

Emmeline helped reveal these false notions, illuminate my abilities, spell out my goals, and reinforce my positive self image.

With Emmeline’s guidance through coaching, I was able to realize that I could never move forward in my life without going after what I wanted. The fear of failure was replaced with the fear of never trying to accomplish my goals.

Emmeline’s help coached me into seeing my own present abilities and a framework for moving myself to new heights.

I will forever be grateful.

~Ted Spores, Landscape Architect. Terra Nova Design Studio, CA. 2021

“When I began working with Emmeline I was clear that I was not in a good place about my work but very unclear about which direction to go and how to approach it. Emmeline guided me through a series of exercises that unlocked that clarity and further infused me with energy and excitement about where I was headed.
The funny thing is, I am still in the same job!
But with increased focus and direction my current role is more fulfilling and my time outside of work complements my long term goals.
~Molly F. CA USA 2020

“I recently worked with Emmeline Craig completing her Unstuck 12 Week Program, and had many breakthrough moments in my journey! Several times during our coaching sessions, I would begin to talk about something in the past without any forethought, and these revelations would lead to deep and meaningful discussions about the thoughts and habits that have been holding me back for years. Even when I resisted completing the program and attempted to sabotage my success, Emmeline was always there for me, in a kind and compassionate manner. She never judged me or told me what do to, but her gentle guidance in keeping me accountable and helping me to remember WHY I started the program saw me through! I feel emotionally stronger and centered, and I could not have accomplished this without Emmeline’s Unstuck Coaching Program!”

~Gina S. VA USA 2019

“During a few times in my life, the fear of staying put became greater than the fear of change. Meeting Emmeline is one such time. Five months ago I was stuck in a life I did not understand, spinning endlessly in search of meaning and purpose. ‘Fine’ and ‘okay’ were my responses to questions about how I felt. I viewed my life as unimportant and myself as not enough. I was desperate for change but unsure of how or what to do. Today I am in LOVE with life. I am present for and find joy in every single moment. ‘Grateful’, ‘remarkable’, and ‘astounding’ are part of my daily vocabulary. The sludge that filled me and the muck in which I stood are distant memories.

So what happened?

Nothing . . . and everything.

I did not change employment. My health has not waned or improved. I did not suffer the loss of a friend or family member nor have any friend or family member received acclaim or award. I have not come into a large sum of money, nor suffered a monetary loss.

No, my first step was a simple one. I walked into Emmeline Craig’s art gallery. I was not looking for a painting or a coach. A few days later I had both. I believe now that I was energetically drawn to her gallery; I felt a connection. I believe people appear in our lives at different times for different reasons. Emmeline’s promise of an initial consultation in which we could see if we were a fit appealed to me. Twelve weekly video sessions, a carefully crafted curriculum, and Emmeline’s willingness to share her own experiences have helped me look deeply inward. I not only love, but deeply appreciate and respect myself.

My level of comfort with Emmeline and my trust in myself and in the process have convinced me to continue this work with her.”

~Laurie. R. Sacramento, CA. USA 2018


I met Emmeline at a very difficult time…I was angry and frustrated, ready to quit my job. People and circumstances were controlling my outlook and my peace of mind. Working w/Ms. E. helped me to get ‘unstuck’. I had forgotten what brings me joy and that I had a plan to fully manifest that in my life. I was stuck in the ‘same old, same old’ stories I was telling myself and stuck in the excuses I was using to keep from focusing on what I have to do to be true to myself.

She helped me to see past the distraction of external circumstances and get to the heart of what brings me joy.

I am happy to report that I am now eagerly looking forward to continuing my current career while developing the skills necessary to practice my calling.

I will be forever grateful for her help and encouragement.”

~FMG, Santa Cruz, CA. USA 2018

“It gives me great pleasure to join others in letting the world know about Emmeline Craig and her Artistry of Life Coaching.

At a difficult transition time in my life, I became aware that Emmeline Craig was not only a artist of great talent, a charming intelligent woman with a great sense of humor, but also a Teacher and a Guide.

The work I did with her was pivotal in awakening me to the reality that I, indeed, could do what was necessary in order to survive my extremely disturbing situation. In addition, to my great joy and personal healing, she guided me in applying this awakening knowledge and sense of self to my entire life.

She is intelligent, gentle, insightful and totally trust-worthy and If we were giving her stars, I’d say, start at the Full 100…!”

~M.C. CA. USA 2016

“Emmeline Craig has been a wonderful influence on me in her role as my life coach.

Where I found her most helpful was in loosening old emotional blocks that I couldn’t seem to get to and after working with her I was able to take actions on things that previously stopped me in my tracks. I really appreciated her uncanny knowing of what I needed to hear right at that moment to be able to move ahead. Emmeline was a pleasure to work with and I truly appreciated the time she spent listening to me or sensing what was wrong when at times I couldn’t articulate what I needed to say.

Thank you very much Emmeline for all your help.”

~Heather Paul – Dream Builder Coach – CANADA 2016

“Thanks to Emmeline’s expert Coaching, I lost over 46 pounds in just 19 weeks!
Whatever your goal, you can reach it easily with Emmeline’s coaching.

Seeking her help with my weight loss goal was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself.
Her customized menus and valuable insight and support helped me lose the weight I wanted and then some more, without feeling hungry or any lack of energy.

In fact, I feel energized, vibrant, and healthy!

Best of all she supported me through the whole process in a way that permanently changed my poor eating habits and how I think and feel about nutrition so I can keep the weight off for good!

Taking this Journey with Emmeline’s help has positively impacted my life in so many more ways than just losing weight.

I feel empowered, I am more self confident in my personal and business life, I have lots more energy and a positive attitude that allows me to live my life to its fullest potential.

I am very grateful! Thank You Emmeline”

~D.M. Bay Area, CA USA 2017

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