Due to many requests along the years, I now offer workshops where you can make art with me for joyful exploration, creativity and stress relief ! Read an article published in Next Avenue about one of my workshops here.

WHY ? Creativity is a trainable skill that benefits everyone and stress relief is a recognized vector of health and well being. Most people are very intimidated by art and believe that they have no artistic skills, but in fact, we all can tap into endless creativity and enjoy the experience. Science shows that making art has the most beneficial effect on our brain, health and well being, regardless of skills, age or gender (Read Huffingtonpost article here.)

WHAT ? I use my skills as a life long artist and as a life coach to guide you through fun and experiential exercises that will engage both sides of your brain, promote insights, and help you shift into a happier state of being in general. We will use pencils, crayons, felt pens, watercolors, brushes, gel ink pens, ball pens, scissors, glue, and printed photos (and even our fingers if we want to!) either separately or together, and in various order depending on the workshop theme, timing and setting. All materials are provided.
The goal is to immerse yourself in a safe and supportive environment to quiet your inner critic and allow your creativity to emerge freely… and listen to it! Modern life strongly muffles this part of us in daily life. Here it is welcome and honored.

WHO ? All levels of expertise are welcome. It really doesn’t matter if you never put pencil or brush to paper before! Professional artist or seasoned amateur, you will find as much benefit as a first timer because my creativity workshops are NOT about techniques but about developing our ability to tap into specific parts of ourselves and explore them in a liberating way for more self-awareness, more connection to our inner bliss and less self-criticism. We turn off all judgement and dive in the intuitive, making room for ease and playfulness. Guided focused work without any other expectation than a creative exploration does wonder for anyone going in. The main differences between an amateur and a full blown artist is the degree of passion and the amount of practice under our belt.

HOW LONG ? Duration: 3 hours. We will take a few minutes to settle and breathe, shift our mind and connect with the guide line or “theme” of the workshop. Size, medium, execution, are up to each participant and several pieces may be created. I am there to provide help, spark up your momentum and assist when required. As we move along I will invite you to go deeper or to shift your focus, and surrender more and more to the flow. You will enjoy the experience, I promise, and you will go home with your own piece of artwork and most likely some personal insights that will stay with you.
Everyone can benefit greatly from this approach, where the goal is the art making itself, not the result as a product (though the results will often amaze you.)

WHERE? Currently, small workshops are hosted at my Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach for groups of 6 participants maximum during closed hours. The gallery is a serene, luminous and safe space that will uplift you and inspire you.
Water and tea will be available. (See below for more options: be a host and waive your fee!)

WHEN ? The next coming workshops dates are available below. You may click on your favorite date and purchase your seat until the group is full.

PRICING ? The required fee is $195 per participant for 3 hrs workshop and provided materials. Subscription stops when places are filled. Contact me to reserve your seat if you don’t want to do it on line:

SPECIAL NEEDS ? Private parking and handicap access ramp are available:
being in a wheel chair should not stop you from joining in! Besides, if you have any specific need or different abilities regarding the act of drawing or painting itself, I invite you to call me personally to consider ways to facilitate your experience so it will be enjoyable and beneficial to you. Small group settings permit me to be very available in practical ways.

~PRIVATE LOCATION: Free for the organizing host! If you have a group of friends and a space available with tables and chairs and good lighting, I will come to you with art supplies to deliver a 3hrs workshop at your place (6 persons gathering, minimum). As host your fee is waived entirely. Contact me for more details.
~WORKPLACE : If you want to bring to your small business or to a corporation an experiential workshop that will spark curiosity, self-awareness and out of the box thinking, contact me to set up an on-site creativity training.

Questions, booking and availability: email me at or call my studio:  415 868 9741.

Thank you for your interest, as always, your questions and suggestions are welcome.