A mighty seed of Grace

Inside, at the core of each of us, humans, there is a tiny seed of Grace.
We call it many names and for many of us it’s so deep and ignored that we would not know that it’s there…
Except in those very special moments, when something makes us relax, open and expand into awe…

Those fleeting moment, in front of a new born or a sunset, or a starry night sky, when the rest of us quiets down, and only grace is felt, moving us, moving through us… We almost touch God.
Or the cosmos. Or ecstasy.

Whatever you may name what is so universal and profound, and all encompassing, that no name will ever do it justice.
I know that you have been aware of it some time, somewhere, and that you know what I’m talking about.
This tiny seed of grace at the core of you won’t ever go away and it’s always been there.
It might be silenced and forgotten, crowded by the noise of thought, by the tremors of fear, by the busyness of daily life, but it never dies.

Further more, once we give it a little attention, and acknowledge its presence, it grows and strengthens, and radiates a mighty glow… empowering us to transcend whatever circmstances may be, and reminding us of our true nature, our true dimension, our capacity to envision, and create and flow, carried by the tremendous power of Life through which we came here.

In this particular time of worldly challenge, while most news are meant to keep you in worry and fear, which activate the most primitive part of our brain and blinds us to the magnificent rest, I write you today simply to draw your attention toward your infinite nature, and your own seed of Grace.

I won’t give you 9 or 12 or 100 tips to remain calm, or to keep your sanity through some home based exercises.
And I won’t tell you to learn a new trick to boost your economy in times of duress.

Today I invite you to get in touch with your own center, your cosmic ombilic, your ability to be so alive and aware, and limitless, that all details receed and all worries fall off.

Like muddy water, when we stop stirring it, the mind gets clear and we can see without straining, what is our best next step.
Being clear and calm today is your super power. Being present is your gift.
Things are always in flux, and we are here only for a short while, in the constantly moving river of generations, but we are more than what the eye can meet, and we can live our life in a state of wondrous curiosity and appreciation for being part of it all, as long as we are the deliberate gardeners of that seed.

If I give myself the gift of reconnecting with this limitless core of mine, everything becomes an opportunity to become more, to feel better, to enjoy myself, to extend compassion and tranquil love to everything… Everything lightens up.
We can live from Grace.
I know you have it, my fellow human.

Much love and blessings


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