The Art of being here

Simplicity, clarity and mindfulness when applied deliberately in one’s daily life, make for a quality of presence in the moment that illuminates and deepens my experience of being in remarkable ways. I keep forgetting, and reminding myself this. Actually painting can not occur if I don’t remember to be fully present in a non-obstructive way…

Of course this Zen approach to living is by no means what our present society is about as a whole… At the contrary, the media drums beat to the tune of preparedness for catastrophes and diseases, world economy melt down and what not… Most schools teach young humans how to compete, to produce and to integrate the main paradigm. It takes some kind of realization to step out of that stream.

It is usually when we decide to take stock and become aware of a deeper longing that we awaken to such a simple concept as being simply but fully present to the fugacity and to the eternity of each passing instant…  What seems at first like a disorienting downsizing from the bustling clutter of “normal” life reveals itself to be the most exhilarating tool to fully appreciate and engage with our existence. It actually feels good to be alive, to be here, and to be aware that it is good…
We get to slow down what felt like a roller coaster of days, of years, zooming toward our demise; we stretch our perception of time, our relation to the world and to ourselves… we breathe larger. We get to be aware of being here. Now we can really see, feel, savor this life of ours; the smallest things, the mundane acts offer us their gold nuggets of joy, unsuspected before. Paradoxically, we can still accomplish a lot, and the focus of mindfulness tends to bring excellence in what we do.

It is an Art. Maybe the very best of all. We can keep learning it just by practicing. It’s always perfectly available. And it’s free.

To our presence!  More later…


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