The Blissful Gallery: settling into tangible form…

Visions, words and intentions have been put forth continuously and deliberately and honed, refined, sharpened with every passing day… Slowly but surely, out of the blue, what has become The Blissful Gallery emerged and took form, getting more substantial and real…

In August 2011, I described my concept to my new friend Patricia Corrigan, talented writer and delightful woman (she loves my work…). We were having lunch in a cafe in Sausalito, and I laid out for her my vision and my desire for a beautiful space, an Art Gallery according to my heart, where I could show my work as well as others. A place to make people feel good. A place where reverence for Life is the primary form of Art.  At the time I was exploring possibilities for renting and renovating a very large building in Pt Reyes Station. It was quite daunting. And it did not work out. But I kept looking and reaching and talking about it. I wrote notes, I made sketches, I polished statements and I pondered a lot… It was a time of brewing, incubating, and projecting. Nothing was tangible. Nothing but a certainty in my guts that I would see it happen..

On December 27th 2012, for the very first time, The Blissful Gallery was opening its doors to the public in Stinson Beach.

Of course between these two dates many things have been put in motion. Many people were involved. Many steps, and none too small, have been taken. It was a long and sometimes tedious process,  sometimes exhausting but always sustained by a deeply rooted exhilaration, the joy of creating, the excitement of manifesting what was once just an idea, a longing.

So, what really happened here ? Did “the law of attraction” kick in, and all my thoughts, visioning, projecting, imagining, actually vibrated so consistently that eventually it kind of coagulated into physical shape ? Would that be far fetched ? Is this just the result of a good organized mind, and strong will, that when put together could “move mountains” ? Was is pure luck if the right people, place and timing got in synch, by way of Serendipity ? Was I just aware, a long time ago, that eventually I would be doing this, and one could say that it was determined to happen no matter what ?

Who knows ? Maybe a little bit of each. Maybe a lot of happy circumstances and a knack for seeing opportunity when it’s there…

No matter what it is, I feel totally blessed, being at the right place, at the right time. It makes everything possible to feel that way. It permits me to keep plowing when I need rest, to smile when my body aches, to not dwell on negative “what ifs” when the financial aspect of things is dragging behind, not knowing yet that this is a success! This feeling of flowing, being present and willing, in the momentum of my life is, I believe, the key…

Doors will keep opening and things will keep falling into place. I’ll keep painting things that I love. And I’ll keep imagining events and effects. I’ll keep projecting growth. I’ll keep hoping for the best, working for the whole. Every day will bring its gift of encounters and surprises, including bumps in the road. And I’ll use them. I’ll be there. I’ll witness and I’ll ponder and I’ll do my very best to do my part in this dance with Life. And to accept what is. To invite what can be. To celebrate what has been achieved so far.

Celebration is on my mind today… I am so grateful for it all !

Time for friends and fans and helpers to be gathered, honored and enjoyed. Time for a feast. And that’s what we are going to do !

More later…

The Blissful Gallery

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