Growth, Happiness and Green Willows…

It is such a pleasure these days, every time I park my car under the trees and walk up the ramp to open my gallery ! Spring is blooming: the blue Echium or “Pride of Madeira” have grown at light speed all around, the old willows are hirsute with pale green leaves and the gardener had to spend two days getting the grounds in shape for the season! Weeds everywhere, overgrown bushes… Now it’s lovely again and I found the perfect Adirondack chair to put in the front yard for the occasional tired hiker… and just for the nice touch that it is.

Chair at the Blissful Gallery

There is a buoyancy, an expectation, a sense of possibility, of openness, all around, right now… I love this time of the year when all the hills are so green, you need to look up at the blue sky to rest your eyes every now and again! The cattle are frolicking, the trees are leafy again, the creek behind the gallery is running gently, birds are nesting everywhere…

Even though I have been very absorbed in creating new paintings, I also had the great privilege and honor to coach two people weekly during the past 2 months. I can not express what a great joy it is to be in the midst of the process of transformation with someone who is ready for more, for change, for success, for exploration…! And to celebrate the success, the steps, every little victory with them! Nobody needs a coach. It’s not like therapy, where you absolutely need help to function. Nobody needs a coach. But everybody could use one!

Coaching is about bridging the gap between the life we have and the life we long for. It’s about exploring new avenues, new pathways, to get to a place in ourselves that has a larger view, a higher sense of liveliness, more possibilities, greater mastery. It’s about taking on new goals and sustain the journey toward them. It’s about having someone along the way to keep us on track, engaged, clearer, sharper. Coaching is about growth.

My personal choice of investing in 3 successive transformational programs with my mentor Mary Morrissey in the past 2 years has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life. And I know that in the future there will be more teachers, more mentoring, because I never want to stop pushing my limits. I love leaning into the growing edge of myself. There is nothing like a  coach to do that with you. Receiving or providing coaching both require a willingness to explore and stretch out of the ordinary, out of  the consensus of common thinking. It takes the desire to create new avenues, and to use any kind of result as a precious feedback on the way up.

Spring is wonderful. Sap flows in what seemed to be dead limbs, flowers burst out of the ground, days are longer, and all that is alive tends to expand and prosper. We do to. There is a longing in each and every one of us to become the most of ourselves. It’s Life pushing through. The unfathomable force that is making my heart beat and the stars twinkle in the night. It’s an ongoing miracle, really.

Happy spring!

More later…



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