Intention is the back bone of everything purposeful.
Without intention we act on whims, unconscious patterns, outside influences or fleeting desires. Without intention we sail without a rudder and we are the toy of circumstances.
Hence the need to be very clear on what is our core Intention in life. It is worth pondering and bringing to mind often.
Writing it as a clear statement is best once we discern what it is.
Clear intention is a worthy compass.
When we are clear on what our core intention is, we can use it as reference to assess everything we endeavor to do. This reliable guidance permits us to advance confidently by choosing goals and steps accordingly. Making choices is facilitated greatly.
Core Intention grows from our soul.
I can represent my Intention as the deep rooted trunk of my tree of life, born from my soul. From it grow the limbs of my most important goals which ramifies into various and numerous choices on which the multitude of my daily actions sprout like leaves.
It’s pivotal to nurture our intention.
As any organic growing thing, intention can wither and loose its power if we forget to nourish it.
I think it is a very good practice to sit with it regularly and feel inside ourselves how we resonate with it and how connected to it we are through our constant busyness.
No matter how strongly we feel about it, we can easily get side tracked and loose connection with that spirited core in us and when we do, everything tends to go awry.
Our core intention should equate our Earthly soul purpose.
As spiritual beings we have an overall purpose. To clarify our core intention, we need to get in touch with our higher self and feel what resonates energetically most strongly when we try out our intention statement. It can take a while to get it right. It’s worth persisting though, because when we find out, it puts wind under our wings…
Proclaiming our intention regularly is good for business.
By keeping close to our intention we give our business a clear structure and streamline it along our life principles. Congruence has clean power in it. When we apply the same core intention in whatever decisions we take (business, relationships, wealth, health) we play by the rule of integrity and authenticity. We come across as sincere. We also find matching people to partner or deal with, more easily, for greater results.
It can be refined in time.
As we go, things tend to become clearer and clearer as long as we are willing to keep checking in with ourselves. Our core intention may evolve and refine with passing years. We need to listen and be open to what comes up.
I want to grow and to inspire…
My core Intention is to joyfully grow into the most accomplished version of myself doing what I love and loving what I do and to uplift and inspire others in the process.

What is YOUR core Intention?
Take a moment to write it down.

It will clarify it and strengthen it and activates what this subject ignites in you…

To your Soul !

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