Light keepers

There is a seed of light deep inside at the core

a kernel of pure joy always ready to grow and glow…

Unadulterated and never extinguished, it is our privilege, our gift, our true essence.

It has been here before and perfect it remains.

A speck, a spark, a particle

unfathomable me, one with the Universe, never to be lonely;

the brighter it shines the happier I feel.

Life is beckoning from within…

It is our liberty and our greatest calling

to keep the spark sparkling, to shine, to shimmer, to ignite…

We are all light keepers, shooting stars, faerie dust

we make the world brighter with our inner fire.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone !…

Let’s keep the dark at bay, let’s be what we are looking for…


More later…

Vietnamese lanterns

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