Ode to the day

A new day, untouched, to savor and co-create!
Every morning I wake up with the same joyful anticipation one has just before a long awaited event, like Christmas morning or a departure for an exotic vacation… Here is a brand new day ahead, untouched, a precious package of 24 hours for me to unwrap, to infold, to open up, full of surprises and delights, a gift for me to open and share… A Present.
Isn’t it just perfect to call every moment we live “the present moment”?

It doesn’t matter if there are challenges ahead, if hardwork is required, if chores have to be done, if people are uncool…
It doesn’t matter that much because I am alive. I am alive and conscious.
And that in itself is such a wonder to realize, to be aware of, to be thankful for, that it makes me bristle with anticipation, with desire, with primal happiness…

Besides, I know because I have been for many years now honing my skills as a co-creator, that my very state of mind, my emotional signature as I live this day, will attract to me people and opportunities in harmony with it.
But then will you ask, what if the day goes awry, what if accident, pain, or grief strikes, un-wished for, disturbing, unsettling, despite my positive launching ?
In any case, I will trust that I am able to get through it and not get undone by it.

I am confident that there is a power bigger than my present incarnation, the same power that keeps the stars turning and my heart beating, and that it works perfectly, in my favor, for my greatest good.
It happens that I don’t understand its working.
It happens that my earthly self gets forgetful of it, but when I stay in that flow of happy surrendering to the big Orchestra, and use my talents and knowledge to do what nurture my soul, what tickles my happy bone, what floats my boat… Then, the day is usually a great day!

As years go by, my gratitude increases, I relax into the wondrousness of the journey, I listen more to the soft voice of intuition, giving me clues if I let it.

Every day is a day of my precious, gorgeous, magnificent life and I am choosing joy to live it by.
This is the one thing that really is in my power, under my own guidance: what I choose to feel and who I choose to be, for the day ahead, as I open my eyes.
I want to sqeeze the juice out of every minute and savor the exquisite feeling of being here, sentient stardust, a spark of consciousness in its timeless becoming.
Unfathomable, immense, magical, Life courses through my veins and I think how beautiful that is.
Today is a great day to be alive.

Much love

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