Self-empowerment and responsibility

There is tremendous power in taking entire responsibility for our lives and the results we get.

Unfortunately, when we grew up believing that Lady Luck is calling the shots and that Life is something happening randomly to us, the concept of complete responsibility can ruffle our feathers a bit.
Some people occasionally get angry and react quite negatively to the concept.
If one’s mind set is of being a victim and trying to cope all the time, being unaware of one’s tight interaction with what we call reality, one can go straight into an aggravating feeling of guilt.
This feeling of guilt triggers deep sadness or anger, while the notion of empowerment, utterly foreign in that context, gets entirely overlooked.

Self-mastery is all about taking responsibility, being in charge of one’s emotions, beliefs and motivations, and taking actions accordingly to one’s purpose, knowing that we are not separated from the universe around us.

It can be greatly disturbing, indeed, for someone who spent most of their life solidly convinced that reality is an outside continuum, a momentous chain of events colliding randomly and affecting us independently of anything we can think, feel or do.

Many authors in the 1900s, long before the current scientific observations of quantum physics, or epigenetics (our emotions influence/activate our genes), described the ability to influence our life’s circumstances with our thoughts and feelings.
If we accept the possibility that our average emotional state (our energetic signature) generates a certain quality of vibration, and if we add to that our freedom of choice to make decisions and take action every day in a myriad of ways, we come to terms with being powerfully responsible for the way our life unfolds.
It doesn’t mean that we will not confronted to hardship, or extreme situations, because after all we are not alone here and everything is connected, but it means that we can learn and navigate Life’s currents deliberately rather than drift aimlessly.
It means that we can always look for what serves our growth, and others’ in everything.
It means we don’t live in randomness, but in a very intelligent and organized universe to which we are connected vibrationally.
Now, the more we get comfortable with this, the more we practice handling our thoughts and actions in harmony with our most important purposes, the more we become skilled and intuitively guided.
We can actually develop our power and become masters of our destiny.
Having an extraordinary life will require extraordinary thinking and focused actions.
One will have to keep in mind one’s purpose, for all decisions one takes… Everything is generating results, including not taking a decision or not taking action!

There is no guilt at all in this because most of us have been raised in a society that ignored completely these concepts and because we always did the best we could, exactly where we were in our evolution.
The time spent not knowing is behind us. There is no use to regret anything.

There is however, the open door of choice now, inviting us to take the wheel and stir our life in the direction of our deepest desire.
Responsible we can accept and enjoy to be, and coming to this realization, we can start to design our inner landscape and our next step to take…

To your power!


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