Spreading Benevolent Ripples of Ease

In the wake of this symbolic beginning that is the “new year” celebration, many of us set up goals and resolutions for the 12 months ahead. As you might know, I have been learning how to attract, manifest, and vibrate in accordance to my dearest dreams… This year I am resolved to explore and learn a lot more about it, and it is very exciting.

Dreams and goals are what really makes us move in a specific direction, what motivates us, what gets our blood to quicken in our veins when we think about it.

Most of us have dreams. And most of us have goals. What really differentiates dreams and goals is the level of planning we are able to envision for them. A goal is something that I know how to reach: there are clearly defined steps and if I apply myself to do each step in a purposeful motion, I will get there. I can “see” my way from here to there.

A dream is different because it is more like a deep longing for something we can barely grasp but that feels very desirable and toward which we tend without having a clear vision of how to get there. It is so out of our comfort zone, of our habitual momentum, so beyond what we are at the moment, that it is almost painful sometimes to see ourselves in it…

None the less… we do dream. And thank goodness we do!

We dream, and if we dream in a focused, creative and faithful manner, we actually attract a lot of what can make those dreams come true. That’s what comes to us as Serendipity.

Don’t you just love fortuitous events, meetings, “random” coincidences ? That is the Universe responding to what you have been focusing on. That is a fact. It works at all times, we like it or not. When one really starts to encompass what that means, one can orient and focus their conscious thoughts toward the desired results… and go from there.

A worthy dream always takes us out of our comfort zone and pulls us up. It also makes us vibrate at a higher frequency and benefits the world at large by proxy.  These things are not new, they ave been observed and applied before, for centuries. But what is new is the quickly growing number of teachers in that field. And that is a beautiful thing because in times of shift (and I believe we, as human race, are involved in a major shift now) this knowledge is a mighty tool to build our future with.

Some particularities are very heart warming: the entire world around us being energy in motion, what we usually consider as small and insignificant (small doings, thoughts, intentions) is revealed as instrumental in shaping our reality.

What ever good we do, and at any level, goes out into the world like ripples in the fabric of Life… You have heard about the butterfly effect, I’m sure.

Knowing this, and applying it every day to the best of my abilities at the moment, gives me a lot of joy. Because when you look at things from that perspective you have a considerable amount of power to bring goodness into the world no matter what.

If you start ignoring CNN and tune in your own highest frequency you can start right now with what ever skills you have, to spread ripples of goodness around you…

In each of my paintings, mixed with the pleasure and fun I have while painting it, there is the power of intention. To dissolve stress, worry and tension, to infuse the mind with spacious quietness, to trigger joy, to reminisce wonder and playfulness… To spread benevolent ripples of ease through the world for an exponential effect that will linger long after me…

What kind of ripples do you like to propagate ?

More later…


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