Between tenacity and letting go… the grace of now.

All wise speakers tell us: our power is in the now moment !

So, after all kinds of planning, searching, estimating and projecting, since no tangible result actually came through yet, I decided to completely let myself into the flow of Daily Life and live each day with as much grace and abandon as I know of…

And it’s actually pretty enjoyable…!

Outsiders could certainly accuse me of procrastinating, of being unfocused or plain lazy and what not, because it’s true that I don’t get a lot of painting done at the moment.

But in fact… I am getting a lot of grounding, foundation work and planting of seeds that is necessary to sustain me in the long run when I am actually physically engaged in the action of painting. Because in such time, I am so disengaged from all the other aspects of my profession (should I say my career ?) that it’s a good thing for me to have periods of non-painting to catch up !

For example, in the last 6 months, I pursued 2 different versions of the same gallery project, in the process of a 3rd possibility as I speak; I became a Citizen of US, and I traveled to Central America. In my spare time I’m growing a vegetable garden, just learned Reiki and have been re-thinking entirely my website to get it remodeled…

But that being said, it’s also a good thing for me when I get to do… nothing.

In fact, I look like I am doing nothing, but in that bubble of Nothingness, I can process, infuse, percolate… All that I constantly gather, absorb, receive, witness and contemplate, all that feeds me in a steady stream of multifaceted data can be transformed silently but surely and morph into what I’ll end up eventually playing out into new form… The time I spend not painting, in fact, is a major part of the whole process.

Painting, one could say, is the tip of the iceberg, the front of the stage…

For most people, it looks like the only thing a painter is supposed to be doing: when I don’t paint something might be wrong, or missing… maybe I need something ? They kind of worry or wonder, some hint at it with more or less subtlety… am I going to paint again soon ?

Well… you’ll see. I’ll let you know. Promise.

For now, though, you see, let me be… I’m sitting here…incubating.

More later…

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