The art of shifting

A lot has been said about quantum leaps and Gosh! when they do happen, they are quite miraculous… we love them.

Meanwhile in a much quieter way, there is the life transforming effect of shifting.
Change can be daunting, even when we wish and long for it.
We are paradoxical beings and it is not unusual to want one thing and be reluctant to take the steps toward it… Also a successful positive change may feel so foreign, so uncomfortable, that we shrink back to the old pattern, the old thought, the old habit… despite our desire for growth.
I get frustrated when that happens and I’m sure you do too…

But shifting is another story.
Shifting doesn’t feel like tons of work, doesn’t put our brain in defensive mode nor our body in shock.
We can integrate it in our daily life, we can do so quite easily, and with very little effort; it doesn’t create upheaval, doesn’t clash with our environment and it definitely does bring amazing results.

Quantum shifts get us to a completely new reality, smoothly and efficiently.
Quantum shifts have the huge advantage to install a new paradigm gently, powerfully but rarely triggering any resistance.
Sounds sneaky huh ? Indeed. And for good reasons.
We have an inner thermostat, the “comfort zone” (which has nothing to do with true comfort) and if one wants to bypass it, one has to lure one’s system in believing all is stable and safe.
Shifting feels safe.
Shifting feels safe because it IS safe.
Shifting is such a small move, that one can always revert if one wants to…
But here is the kicker: shifting works so well that one doesn’t want to revert.
One small shift after another, the next thing you know you are on a completely new trajectory with new results to boot!

Shifting consists in slightly deviating from the usual, consistently.
For example, for fitness, shifting could be to walk to the store for small stuff, instead of driving there; to stretch and stand on my toes every time I am on the phone… do some stationary bike while watching a movie… Take a sip of water every time I get up…
On another hand, I might want to better my relationship with a specific person.
Instead of going for scary complete new behavior, I can use body language and a few words here and there.
Listen more. Criticize less.
Offer more appreciation, more openness… even if only in my mind!
That’s a quantum shift. Small change, big effect.

Eating habits to modify? Instead of radically change regimen in 2 days, we can simply decide to not buy any sweets this time around at the store… (If we don’t buy it chances are we won’t eat it). And to feel extra good, stock up on healthy nuts or fresh fruit. No soda, and get Perrier instead. |
And do that again next time… Invent a fun calorie free drink to order when going out and have it instead of the usual.

Pop corn at the movies (full of ugly transfats) ?
Let’s go with your own organic salty one in our purse… No biggie… but huge improvement for our body!
The fun resides in getting creative… we literally play a game with our brain.

And the more we shift the more we like it.
Next thing you know, your reality has changed… and your self esteem is soaring!

Shifting our thought patterns is best of all.
Our thought pattern is what really influences everything in our life, but it is also the most difficult thing to change durably.
Shifting is definitely a valuable tool in that regard and permits us to open up to new beliefs painlessly, which in return, brings in a new reality.
We can steep ourselves in transformative materials, create a master mind group or post reminders to ourselves throughout our home and affirm new constructive views…

Still what is best is to work with someone trained to engage in deep diving and revealing conversations where shifts happen naturally, and change occurs by means of new perspectives.

I love big changes and big make overs; I do. And for any ordinary day, I love small shifts.
See how it feels to you, try it on for size… There is nothing to lose in the process.

To your own small shifts… Make it fun !

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