The stories we live by

When we let ourselves follow the conventional trend and believe we are randomly subjected to outer circumstances, we tend to focus on, talk about and live from these circumstances.
We have a story to tell and it is usually a story where events are out of our reach for the most part and where we feel dis-empowered, subject to either good or bad luck, where all we can do is to enjoy, endure, cope or revolt.
In the story Life is happening to us.
We all have a story to tell.
That story is the narrative we make from the perspective we choose (or were trained) to have.

If we look at a group of people having a communal experience (in times of disasters or extraordinary events) we can observe a vast disparity of reactions, and ways to deal with circumstances that come directly from the diversity of perspectives and stories each person holds true.

We can say that we live by the story we tell ourselves.

More often than not, we also share that story and reinforce its power, its “realness” by using it over and over to explain why we are where we are in our life at any given moment.

Further more, generally speaking, most conversations are mostly about what we do not enjoy. What ails us. What is of concern.
Most of the stories we tell express our causes for discontent.
The story is our “because”.
I did not do what I loved because…
I lost my temper because…
I am unhappy because…

Unfortunately every time we do that we set ourselves up for more of what we are talking about.
We keep ourselves in the vibration of what HAS happened and lay the blueprint for the same.
We live our life turned TOWARD THE PAST, instead of leaning toward what we want, what we enjoy, what we aspire to, what we want ahead…
The focus point is not where it should be for our benefit.
The story we live by is stronger than our desires.
It is stronger than our confidence.
Stronger than our self-love.

And as it unfolds, the past we talk about becomes the mold for our future.
From a metaphysical stand point, the key understanding is this: what we keep on talking about believing that we only narrate what’s past, is actually the first degree of existence of what will be coming…
In a nut shell when we tell our story we shape our future.
If we let go of that model for a moment and adventurously wander into the infinite possibilities of quantum living, we get back behind our wheel and harness the power of choice and deliberate living.

The choice to tell a new story is self-mastery at work. We can choose at any time any day, to not talk about the frustrations of our past (by the way, 10 minutes ago IS the past) and start talking (and thinking) about what we enjoy presently, what is source of pleasure, what is dear to our heart, and what we foresee that would be an upgrade or a source of good.

We can actually focus on what we want to get done, when and how, on what we can see that would work, what we can feel is profitable, what we are ready to stretch for, what we love and what makes us feel wonderful.

It is indeed a choice.

We are so trained to think otherwise that we tend to cling to our old behaviors and old stories even when we are aware of this fact.

On and on, the stories go.

Who was the bad guy, why we were the victims and why we need a hero… The model is always the same, with so many variations in details…

Freedom is truly at arm reach…

Just a thought away.

Just a story away.

Let’s talk about what we want to see.

Let’s think about what we love.

Let’s focus on HEALTH and healthy behaviors, instead of fighting disease.

Let’s talk about love instead of dislikes.

Let’s invent solutions instead of broadcasting problems.

Let’s smile at the idea that we are the co-creators and powerful engineers of our future, by the way we feel in our present.

Let’s feel like a million bucks NOW, and see what unfolds.

To your co-creation!


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