The things we take for granted

The things we take for granted…
As the first month of this year unfolded, and it seemed with great velocity, I found myself faced with a few unexpected challenges, one being a brutal cold that put me in bed with fever, for several days, weak as a kitten…
I am very rarely sick and this was a first in many years.
While my body was laying there and I stayed quiet and cozy at home, many thoughts came and went, that my usual very busy life doesn’t leave much room for… I thought how easy it is to ignore, in our daily bustle, the very many things we take for granted, simply because we are lucky enough to have them consistently. Breathing for one.
There is a biggie.
We take 23,040 breaths a day, rarely giving it a thought.

My heart beats 115,200 times per day.
I have food in my fridge, and my bed is wonderful to rest in. In front of my door my good old Subaru station wagon awaits for me to go anywhere I please, at the turn of a key… I have connections and friends all over the world and can communicate with them any given time, from my desk, from my car, from the waiting line at the store… in real time.
My neighborhood is safe and friendly.
My bills are paid and my home though tiny, is comfortable and bright… I live in a beautiful place and I am safe there…

There is no war or drought or disease or famine going on around me.
I earn my living doing what I love. I look up and the sky is blue, the sun on my skin feels wonderful this morning…
I could keep going and litterally create a long rampage of good things that deserve my complete gratitude, and you could too.

Truth is: “What I take for granted is someone’s dream somewhere”.
Let that sink in…
Of course, we are taken along in the daily momentum and it’s natural to just keep going without taking the time to pause and feel the depth of this… But… I know when I do, everything kinda shifts back into a much brighter light.

When I take the time to sit with the awareness of being alive and free, all I can think is “Thanks!”.
That’s the wonder maker.
The magic wand that takes me through hurdles and doubts.
The open door of gladness, primal, cheerful, were I know I’ll be fine and everything is conspiring for my evolution and my growth.
Even when I feel like pushing through molasses.
Even when things are not unfolding the way I want.

There is a universe of absolute magnificence all around me and it doesn’t need me to hold it together.
I can sit and breathe, quietly and have faith again.

To Your awareness…

In Gratitude


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