5 foolproof steps to have a good day

Most people (of which I was for a long time) start their day mindlessly and let outside circumstances have their way with them, merely living in reaction to whatever presents itself.
There is a much better way: we can elevate greatly the quality of our entire life with a few simple daily practices that makes every day a good one… one day at a time…

1/ Say “thank you” at wake up and at bed time.
The simple fact to switch to gratitude mode immediately upon awakening is one of the most powerful life changers I can think of.
It takes only a couple minutes, but these minutes are pure gold.
First say” thank you!” and spend the next 2 minutes bringing up and writing down reasons to be grateful today.
If you don’t write them, at least enumerate them in your mind.
From a nice cup of coffee, a loved pet, a roof above our head, to the simple ability to breathe and be alive, there are hundreds of reasons to be thankful, every morning and every night!
Beside, by doing this we increase our ability to manifest abundance and we flood our brain and body with beneficial chemicals that will sustain our positive energy for hours.

2/ Choose deliberately how you want to feel today and breathe deeply to settle it.
We actually have the power to choose the way we want to feel and bring up that feeling in ourselves.
As a matter of fact, if we let the things of the world, the people around us, or any circumstance dictate the way we feel, we give all our precious power away! Instead of letting our mind jump into yesterday’s problems or today’s fears, and think the same kind of thoughts over again (most people think the same thoughts every day at a 95% rate!), we have the freedom to think about something that nurtures our feeling good.
Right now.
There is ALWAYS a better thought available.
Try it! Once you decide how you want to feel, focus on that feeling and breathe deeply.At least 3 deep breaths.

3/ Write your day’s priority… and stick to it.
Focus on what you really want to get done today and write it in a few words.
That’s going to serve you a lot better than turning on the TV.
When we write our goals big and small, we increase our odds to get it done by 40%.
Knowing that, figure out what is your big dream/purpose/calling and use that as your compass to align daily priorities.
Make sure to stick that note somewhere you’ll see it before you start working on anything else.
Start with it ; get it done.

4/ Smile and speak of what you love.
All along the day make a choice to stay positive and be an uplifter.
You’ll be amazed at how better you feel and how most people will appreciate your presence and open up to your ideas.
It will also deter the hard core negative ones and keep them away. No loss there.
The practice of smiling is remarkable in that it actually influences our mood positively!
Smile before you have a reason to do so. And laugh any chance you get. Laughing is healing.

5/ Focus on the process more than on the outcome.
No matter what you are engaged in doing, shift your focus from the outcome to the process.
It might sound counter intuitive, but it is amazing.
When we focus entirely on the process, it takes most pressure off and helps us hone our skills and perform better and better, which in return, gives us a lot more rewarding results!
Champions focus on their process. A lot.
Perfecting what you do in the now, is a fabulous way to live in a rare state of presence.
It will also permit you to pare down to what you really want to give your precious time and energy to.
Finally, remember that life is too short to squander it in useless worries, moods and temper.

Happiness is a practice and if you design each day around these 5 habits, you’ll end up having an amazing life, but don’t take my word for it… give it a real try.

To your beautiful life.

Much love.

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