We all have stories.
Because we all have history.
And we tend to take our stories (and oh! how they become well crafted with repetition) and use them as shields between us and the world.
Between us and success, between us and growth. Between us and health.
We identify to the person in the story (as in the past) and most often than not, that person is a victim of circumstances.

The status of victim is very handy because it gives me a good reason (as in a good excuse) to not get out there and live my life, my precious life, full out, on the green growing edge of myself.
Where I could actually have all the fun, all the love, all the money I may want.
Inside of us there is a longing for more, for becoming, for expansion, for greatness. We came here to grow and expand.
We came here to thrive.
Exactly as a tree does, we are meant to grow as big and mighty as we can, until we die.
Exactly as a tree, we give more to the world as we expand. I

t all starts in the morning you see. Every single morning.
If I wake up and say “Thank you”, and then ask myself: “What kind of day do I want to create today?”
Even more simply: “What do I want to create today?” I can guarantee you that I’m going to have a different day than if I start revising all the burdensome tasks or bills or conflicts that will absolutely crowd my mind and incapacitate me for the whole day ahead if I let them.
That’s why I don’t own a TV.
My life is so much richer and happier without ugly news !

And guess what? I may not know every single bad news that you have been made aware of today, but I do know about a thousand more positive things going on, that nobody tells you… because it would make the rates go down.
So anyway… If I start my day with this simple but so powerful question: “What is it that I want to create today?”, I can now get up and feel free and empowered to craft this day as a masterpiece.
I can choose what I want to create with my attitude today.
I can choose what I’ll create with my food today. With my energy. With my ideas, with my activities.
I can choose what I want to put into every interaction I’ll have with other people today.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work I do, and what level of health and wealth I’m enjoying as now, because every day, when I get up, as a human being I can decide to reinvent myself, and my life!

I don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece today. I am a human. That’s all it takes.
No matter what my story has been up to now I can create a new one.

Everything else is only big fat excuses I tell myself to avoid the discomfort, the effort to do differently, to take a risk or two, to explore what’s possible when I put my power into it. Every day I have the power to create a new paradigm.
Every day I can make the day beautiful purposefully, deliberately, because I prefer living beautifully.
Because life is too short to squander it in self-inflicted misery.

Because Life is by nature, wide open to me, and will respond to whatever I put out.
Don’t believe the naysayers, the doom and gloom people, all the fearfully disciplined crowds who wait for someone to do the right thing FOR them, and change their circumstances! We are able to do so much more than we think we can!!
We are co-creators.
We are Life’s partners. We are unstoppable once we put our mind and our actions to it.
If I decide, every morning, to create a fabulous day, that is my ticket for a fabulous life.

It can’t be as simple as that! you say. Yes. It can.
What I have been doing for all these years brought me where I am today.
Not the world. Not the society. Not my parents. Not my story.
The way I have been living my each and every day has brought me where I am today.

The way I responded to Life’s surprises good and bad, brought me to who I am being today.
And I am free, and entitled, and able, to change any of it.

This is my current launching pad. My starting point.
Always. Now.
For that I have to decide and go ahead, and start creating.
Not later, not tomorrow.
Not when the kids are grown ups. Not when my job will pay better.
Not when my spouse stops drinking. Not when the economy gets stronger.
NOW. Every morning I can reinvent myself and become “the person who”…
The person who puts a smile on others’ faces. The person who offers outstanding service. The person who thinks beautiful thoughts.
The person who looks at the stars and feels the awe. The person who learns something new every day.
The person who creates.
How can I create more joy for myself and others today?
How can I create more hope today? More ease? More revenue? More free time? More fitness? More peace?

How can I make this day so different, so gorgeous, so powerful, that it becomes my new life style?
I just have to decide that this is what I do.
And go out there and do it.
And give thanks for the miracles coming in.
Every day.

To your gorgeous creating…!
Much love


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