Attitude is Everything

It’s funny how when we forget that particular truth, Life itself finds very efficient ways to remind us!
If we are practicing Awareness, it helps us put whatever happens in context and use it as feedback, so that when Life sends us a reminder, we do realize that it is only that: a reminder…
We do have unconscious beliefs and limitations, even when we work constantly at being aware. These beliefs (our paradigm) act like a regulating thermostat in our circumstances.

So if we take responsibility for what is happening and pump up the volume on our usual self-mastery practices and projected vision, results usually follow.
But sometimes they don’t.

What to do?
First consider that we never grow in our comfort zone.

If we stay where we got so far, things stop moving.
That’s when it is time to seriously stretch out of our comfort zone again!
It makes sense, once you figure it out: aiming for growth while taking a nap doesn’t really go together, does it?
So whatever it’s going to take and in whatever form, we have to be willing to learn news things, to accept change, to take new risks.
As soon as we affirm that, serendipity steps in.
Connections, encounters, insights, gifts, opportunities, new avenues show up out of the blue.
We need to keep moving and explore them, fearlessly.
Growth requires that we bust our old paradigms and that we keep stretching further… again and again.
If we want to expand and get unusual results in our life, no matter what domain is concerned, we need to accept these periods of discomfort due to new learning and new doing.
Stretching our comfort Zone is part of continuous growth.
We can take a break, we can revel in our achievements for a while, we can take the time to smell the roses and rest, enjoy, celebrate. But then we have to voluntarily forge on.
Learn, try, experiment, and never consider the job done.
It’s not comfortable, but it’s exciting. And rewarding on all kinds of levels…
Meanwhile in the process we became a greater version of ourselves… That is the big prize.
Here is to growth!

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