WD40 for Relationships

There is a simple thing we can do that has the power to change any and all of our relationships for the better.
A simple habit that makes everything easier: PRAISE.
It is truly a game changer across the board, with our spouse, kids, friends, clients, co-workers, employees, employers, doctors, teachers, cashiers at the market, even the representative at customer service, anyone with whom we interact, including ourselves.
As any other tool of transformation it works only if we use it frequently, on a daily basis.
Repetition is the golden key of change.
We all “crave” recognition, appreciation, and understanding. We need to be seen.
Receiving praise makes us instantly feel good, it makes our heart dilate, we feel recognized by another person, appreciated, valuable.
Taking the time to praise people throughout the day is like waving the magic wand of communication.
It opens doors and keeps them open even in challenging times.
It is a gift that keeps giving.
It gives us a soft place to fall back on in times of conflict.
Because when we give praise we actually take the time to pause and to see the good in others and to reflect it back, it makes us better able to relate and to be appreciated as well in return.
It creates a dynamic feedback that really changes the tone of all our interactions profoundly.
With one simple but necessary condition: it has to be sincere.
To come from the heart.
If you have no time and no clue for anything else, offer a warm smile, and a silent blessing.
Most often, there will be something nice to say if we take a few seconds to tune in and see what comes up.
As a secondary benefit it will take us out of our little story, our mundane preoccupations, our routine, and bring us back into being present with others in kindness.
Praise makes the whole world better.

Praise is the W40 of all relationships.
Keep in mind that you are truly appreciated just for reading this…

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