Be Unstoppable

The only way to get somewhere is to move toward it.
This is not an earth shattering statement is it?

But then, if we don’t apply its simple truth, we stay stuck.
Tomorrow will be at best like today. And then again. And again.
Our goal will be like a speck on the horizon, not getting any closer.
In fact, when we don’t evolve, we shrink, we stiffen, we calcify into the past version of us…
We make assumptions based on fear, like…
Life is unsure, unsafe and uncertain.

Or so it may seem, from a still standpoint, when we try to stand by and judge, when we assess and ponder and fret.
When we doubt and argue with Life itself.
But then, if we take a deep big breath and jump in, try it on, take chances, get wet… and become a willing part of it all, embracing what is, loving the ride, everything good to learn, everyone a teacher, every roadblock a stepping stone… we emerge on the other side!
Down the rabbit hole… Through the veil… Magic.
In the open, the vastness, the limitless, the wonder, the becoming of every day’s adventure…

There is no reality but the one we invoke, the way we perceive, the name we give to what is.
Biased perception.

But you tell me: “There IS a reality! Gosh! Look at the world! It’s pure madness out there, besides, we don’t get any younger, illness is everywhere and I have so many bills to pay…”
Tunnel vision.

Can we for a minute let go of what we believe about Life?
Can we let go of the fear we cling on with both hands and grab a juicy slice of “Yesness”?
Can we for a split second jump out of our habitual way to look at everything and imagine…? IMAGINE that it is ALL a gift !
Every day, every event, every challenge, every breath… a present to unwrap, to receive, to cherish… because it is raw material, opportunities, yet unnamed, yet uncharted, yet un-llived.

Life is motion.
Live is anything we make of it.
Life is now.

Step one: Breathe like if your life depended on it.
Step two : Receive everything as diamond in the rough.
Step three: Smile for no reason.
Step four: Move your body… feel it. You are alive. There is a reason to smile!
Step five: Do what you love for the bliss of it.
Step six: Repeat.

You are now unstoppable.
(Bonus: when we shift our perception, our goal moves toward us…)

You are a whole and perfect soul, never forget it.

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