Why crisis is good news

Crisis is a mistaken gift
When crisis enters our life we tend to cringe and fight and resist rather than understand what it really means and how we will benefit from it.
It is human nature to be afraid of anything that upsets our current equilibrium, and when crisis knocks at our door we are most likely disturbed and distressed by it.
Our brain is a very thrifty apparatus that hates spending energy when it could spare it and any neuronal alteration costs us more energy than keeping old pathways going. So we tend to cling to what has worked so far, what is routine, what is automatic and well known. That is our default setting: we conserve.
When we are challenged by a crisis, we do not see it as beneficial at first!
We shrink in fear, we get anxious, we get angry, we enter the blame game, refusal, denial, thus creating all kinds of aggravation and additional pain and chaos.
We cling to what was and shrink from the discomfort of what is currently happening.
We think crisis is bad. We think there is failure.
That is unfortunate because crisis is just a strong signal to upgrade.
You see, when a crisis occurs, there is no blame to cast, nobody to condemn, no guilt to feel, no wrongness at all.
Crisis simply tells us that the previously working system DOES NOT WORK any more.
It lets us know that we are ready for the next level.
We have outgrown ourselves.
Any crisis, what so ever, is only the signal that a system is outdated.
If you think about your computer you will accept this statement very easily.
The beautiful truth is that it applies to all systems and any crisis!
At a personal level, local level, national, societal, cultural, worldwide, any crisis is the signal that a new system, a new equilibrium, a new paradigm has to be created.
And that is ALL we need to focus on.
Instead of feeling victimized we can opt for innovation.
By doing so, we lower our discomfort and avoid most of the suffering, despair, regret, judgement, etc… that come with resistance and blame.
Of course this is not common thinking and it may feel counter intuitive.
Let’s take a daring step here and consider for a moment that most circumstances are neutral, and that only our attitude toward them makes them calamities or blessings.
Truth is we always have a choice: to resist or to embrace, and that is what creates either pain or ease.
Life is never still and change is rarely linear, hence crisis regularly shows up, as a natural phenomenon inherent to Evolution.
A perfect example that we can all relate to, is how teenagers live in an on-going state of crisis which really makes sense if we realize they are adapting to a new reality, new modalities, new parameters, at a very rapid pace.
They are upgrading to adulthood.
Now take a classic marital crisis… So much pain and drama can be avoided if we accept the simple fact that what ever system had been installed and lived by up to now, is just not adequate any more!
That it is only a case of evolution.
No need for blame. No need for judgement. No need for guilt.
The old set up is obsolete and not serving us well any more: crisis occurs, we need to simply accept it and create a new one, whatever it is.
The size, location, apparent causes or time frame of any crisis is irrelevant.
When we have a health crisis, otherwise called disease, we are facing the need to change our ways, be more body aware, restore better health.
When crisis emerges in a societal organization, we should not waste any energy in trying to patch it up but instead recognize the call to answer a new need.
Similarly, a world wide crisis such as man made ecological disaster, famine or human exodus, reveals the need for radical upgrade of human behavior at a planet level.
By accepting that crisis reveals unavoidable need for growth we can skip getting stuck.
At this point, I’m sure you start to feel a little better about any crisis you may be going through right now, as an individual or as part of a whole massive number of people.
Despite your natural dislike of crisis, you certainly can see its useful nature and shift your mindset about it. If you do, and do it consistently, you will discover that your life becomes infinitely easier and fulfilled through your ability to move toward change willingly, open to the next step, eager for improvement and expecting betterment and growth…
Shifting from crisis to curiosity is invaluable wisdom.
If there is no blame, only genuine interest, we can move forward optimally for ourselves and all others involved and we can INITIATE growth immediately.
When we pull up our sleeves, put on our explorer cap and step bravely into the flow of ever moving forward evolution, we discover that it is easier than we thought to quiet down our innate fear of change.
We reconnect with the joyous curiosity we lived by as a constantly growing child, when exploration was at the core of every day, when new things were exciting and our willingness to experience Life was insatiable.
There is only a small gap from trepidation to excitement and we can bridge that gap with faith.
Faith in our ability to grow, faith in the infinite renewing power of Life itself, faith in the ever present gift of positiveness and most of all, faith in the absolute perfection of this wondrous universe we are part of.
Relax, breathe, be open, be confident.
A few hundreds years ago, we thought the Earth was flat and the sun orbiting around it…
Seems we upgraded to a new paradigm.
It never stops.
To your own upgrade dear one…

Much love

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