Beauty unlimited

It’s hard wired in me, this need for observation, contemplation, and this acute perception of the world around me. It comes with awe, with glee, with reverence, increasingly with each passing year.

Beauty, beauty everywhere… The simplest things in our daily life are holding so much beauty in them, it is astonishing for who wants to see it. Did you ever look at pictures of extremely magnified cells, or bugs, or pollen… seeds… seen through a microscope? They contains worlds in them, whole systems, colorful, rich, complex and invisible to the naked eye, but still, magnificent.

More easily accessible to all of us, the hazy mist shrouding the hills at dusk, while riots of colors paint the clouds above, swallows darting up and down into the luminous bowl of the sky, their whistling shrills filling the air… The one tiny flower, blooming happily through a thin crack in the pavement on your way home… the flashy white small of a grimy kid in shanty town, sorting through garbage, alive and eager to be… the beckoning red of maple trees at fall…
Beauty will meet our eye anywhere we look for it, always, If we only choose to tune into the limitless abundance and munificence of the universe around us, inside us… if we only think of looking up and commune with it, accepting to be engulfed, cradled and swept away by its unfathomable intelligence and complexity… then life can and will bathe us in beauty.

There is no limit, no shortage, no fear in the expansiveness of it all, if we only let ourselves see, feel, appreciate, celebrate it, and participate in it. Our planet, our world, hurtling round and round in immensity, like a bubble of bursting life, teeming with diversity and riches is but a tiny speck in the cosmos. Billions of millions of worlds around us, above us, inside us… right this minute we are breathing aggregations of galaxies and life is happening in us in millions ways…!

Can you, even tentatively, allow yourself to feel how beautiful you are ? Can you even remotely, allow yourself the thrill of being part of this, consciously, willingly, with an open heart and unlimited reverence? You and I are made of stardust. Look out for beauty, it is everywhere.

More later…

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